Stop the spiritual malpractice

rev owusu bempahIt has been a while we had some lessons, and  I want us to look at a common mistake made by many people when it comes to pronouncing  telephone numbers. For example 0244702345 should be pronounced: zero, two, four, four, seven, zero, two, three, four, five. Never mention zero as “O” because we are dealing with figures or numbers here, but “O” is an alphabet or a letter.

Our second lesson has to do with comparatives and superlatives, and  I believe you remember something like “hard, harder, hardest” and “slow, slower, slowest”. A friend of mine, Christopher Akapko, told me an incident which happened during his primary school days. According to him, his teacher taught them comparatives and superlatives, and gave them the following examples: long, longer, longest; short, shorter, shortest; fast, faster, fastest.

The next day, his teacher, Madam Abrefa came to school with some visitors to prove to them that she had wonderful pupils.

Madam Abrefa : Now children recite what you learnt yesterday… let’s go this way…

Madam Abrefa: Long

Pupils: Long, longer, longest

Madam Abrefa: Big

Pupils:  Big, bigger, biggest

Madam Abrefa: Short

Pupils: Short, shorter, shortest

Madam Abrefa: Fast!

Pupils: Fast, faster, fastest

Madam Abrefa was happy with her pupils’ performance, and said, “Good”.

Pupils: Good, gooder, goodest

Madam Abrefa: Stop!

Pupils: Stop, stopper, stoppest

Madam Abrefa: (already embarrassed) Enough!

Pupils: Enough, enougher, enoughest

Madam Abrefa: Ewura di eeeei!

Pupils: Ewura di! Ewura dier!! Ewura diest!

Madam Abrefa: Chai!

Pupils: Chai chaier chaiest

Madam Abrefa Jesus!

Pupils: Jesus, jesuser, jesusest.

The strange behaviours of  some “men of God” of late shouldn’t be a surprise at all. It is a fulfillment of prophesy, and one of the signs of the end-times. Jesus said in Mathew 7:15-23 that there shall arise false prophets who will come in sheep’s clothing, but are ravening wolves. The Lord again  says in Jeremiah 23:21, ” I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them yet they prophesied.”

Ministerial calling is a noble and holy task that shouldn’t be abused and taken lightly, but what we are witnessing in this country must be a source of concern to everyone. If there will be war in this peaceful country of ours, it won’t come from macho men; it won’t even come from politicians, but from some “men of God”; and I will explain.

Some so called pastors are diluting the message of the Gospel; they cut and paste partisan talking-points as sermons. Most serious is the dangerous utterances of some of these men of God which I think is a serious national  security threat: and I sometimes wonder why some of them are not behind bars.

Rev. Owusu Bempah shockingly stated on Okay FM last Tuesday that he saw in a vision that the EC had rigged this year’s elections for the NDC through Proxy and Special Voting; so, the NPP must wake up.  He also said  God has revealed to him that  this year’s presidential election will not go in favour of President Mahama, and the NDC sensing danger, are planning to kill the flag bearer of the NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo in order for the NDC to win the election. I heard him loud and clear.

For once, I will applaud the controversial snake-changing pastor who calls himself an angel for at least  not wading into this kind of madness. I call on the National Security, the Christian Council, the Peace Council, other religious bodies and civil society to help discourage such religious chicanery, pastoral sculduggery and spiritual malpractice. Such acts are not, not, not: and to borrow words from Madam Abrefa’s pupils, they are bad, badder, baddest.

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