Incredible, Unbelievable, and Astonishing Ghana

monsterI need to shake my head, rattle my brain, pinch myself, jump up and downnoise and shake every cell of my being. Is this real, am I having a nightmare, am I alive, maybe I have died, or maybe had a car accident and in a coma? Maybe it’s a brain aneurism, maybe some dreaded disease, maybe nuclear war has wiped the world out and I am the only one left?

Whatever it is I am screaming, crying, pleading, begging, beseeching, yelping for help but no one hears, no one takes notice, a few try but it seems they are swamped, flooded, inundated, wiped out, destroyed, demoralized, deflated, dejected, discouraged and too helpless to help, too powerless to assist, too toothless to act, too defenceless to proceed or may be just too weak, too sick and too feeble to even survive themselves.

Ghana is dying and Ghanaians are killing each other. Most blame the government, others blame the opposition parties, some blame witches, others point at juju, some blame pollution, many blame poor sanitation. No doubt others will find someone to blame other than themselves.

I say none of the above are to blame, especially the government; regardless of which party is in power. I say each and every Ghanaian is to blame in one way or another, some far more than others and some far less than others. While you or I do nothing to make Ghana ‘Gods Own Country” we are all to blame.

The streets are full of killers and disease spreaders and many Ghanaians are intentionally killing, and spreading the disease with glee. I have rung the warning bell, I have honked the horn, blown the shofar, alerted the police, the KMA, the Commissioner for Human Rights and Administrative Justice, the Environmental Protection Agency and others yet nothing happens to stop the killing and disease.

I have found protections in the Constitution and the Criminal Code yet nothing happens. No one acts decisively, many talk, some like the EPA tell lies but no one can stop the killing and disease.

Are Ghanaians asleep, maybe the disease has made you too sick to know or too sick to understand? Yes people of Ghana you are destroying yourselves, your neighbours, your friends, your children and your babies. You are destroying the future of your kids and your country either by your intentional actions or your inaction to stop the killers and the diseases that confront you every day.

I was down at the market the other day and hundreds were being attacked and mauled by the killers yet no one noticed, no one knew, no one cared, no one bothered to even look up. Most had probably already caught the disease that affects the body, the soul, the spirit and the mind. Oh yes the churches even spread the disease and promote the killers.

What is happening to you Ghanaians? What have you become? You should be making Ghana God’s Own Country but it has become a playground for satan and his killers and diseases. Satan bellows out his noise throughout Ghana wiping God’s Own People from the face of the earth. Ghanaians how long will you remain silent in the midst of satan’s terrible and insidious noise. How long will you put up with it or will it destroy you totally first?

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