Is Bill Gates an Antichrist?

bill-gatesThe Bible states in 1 John 2:18, Daniel 7:20 and Revelation 13 that during the last days, prior to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, there will appear an Antichrist who will notoriously oppose Jesus and all Christians. On the basis of these scriptures, several attempts have been made over the years to identify the Antichrist. Individuals like Napoleon 111, Mussolini and Hittler have been identified as Antichrists. Men like Wycliffe and Luther also held the view that the Pope or at least his forerunner is an Antichrist. In our more modern time, personalities like Idi Amin of Uganda and Saddam Husein of Iraq have not been spared. Today, Bill Gates, who is unarguably one of the richest people on the planet earth, a computer wizard and a tycoon businessman, has fallen victim to this antichrist affair.

Some years ago, there was a circulation of information on the internet concerning him. Please read on. Do you know that Bill Gates’ real name is William Henry Gates 111? Nowadays, he is known as Bill Gates (111) where 111 means the order of third(3rd).If you take all the letters in Bill Gates 111 and then convert it in ASCII Code (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) and then add up all the numbers, you will get 666,which is the mark of the beast! B = 66 I = 73 L = 76 L = 76 G = 71 A = 65 T = 84 E = 69 S = 83 1 = 1 1 = 1 1 = 1 =666 – the number of the devil! When you take Windows 95 and do the same procedure you will get 666 too! The same goes for MS – DOS 6.31. MS – DOS 6.2** 77 + 83 + 45 + 68 + 79 + 83 + 32 + 54 + 46 + 50 + 49 = 666 Windows 95** 87 + 73 + 78 + 68 + 79 + 87 + 83 + 57 + 53 + 1 = 666

For those of you who still have the old Excel 95 (not office 97) try this out: 1. Open a new file 2. Scroll down until you see row 95 3. Click on the row 95 button, this highlights the whole row 4. Press tab, to move to the second column. 5. Now, move your mouse and click on help then about Microsoft Excel. 6. Press ctrl – alt – shift and click on the tech support button simultaneously. 7. A window will appear, title: THE HALL OF TORTURED SOULS. This is really eerie. It has doom style format and you can walk all around the hall (use your arrow keys) and on the sides of the walls are the names of the tortured souls. 8. Now walk up the stairs and then come back down, face the blank wall and then type in Excel – KAFA. This will open the blank wall to reveal another secret passage and do not fall of (This is the hard part!) when you get to the end, you will see something really eerie. At this point of time, countless witnesses all over the world have verified that it is a real eye opener.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Bill Gates is “the anti Christ” , after all it was already foretold in the Bible that someone powerful would rise up and lead the world to destruction. And Bill Gates definitely has that kind of power in his hands. More than 80% of the world’s computers run on windows DOS (including those at Pentagon!). If all his products have some kind of small program embedded (like this hall of tortured souls), that can give him control, setting of nuclear arsenals, creating havoc in security systems, financial systems etc, all over the world. Just using Internet explorer may just allow him to map out what you have on your computer, bit by bit each time you log on. Perhaps the end times are near and this is just a tip of the iceberg? Quoting from the Bible: “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the number of the beast or the number of his name.

This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is a man’s number. His number is 666.” Rev. 13:16-18. If the Bible, in the book of Revelation says that without the sign of the beast, one would not be able to buy, sell, do business transactions, etc, then the question one has to ask is, is internet now a necessity in doing business? The internet is also commonly known as the World Wide Web or www. One other way we write w is v/= (v1) so: www= VI VI VI = 666. This gives something to ponder upon. Isn’t everything going towards the internet? (i.e., buying/selling of goods and business transactions) Isn’t Microsoft always on the move to have monopoly when it comes to software technology? Revelation also says that the mark of the beast will be carried on one’s hand and one’s forehead.

If the internet would indeed be the sign of the beast, aren’t we all starting to carry it on our hands and foreheads? Screens (forehead) and make use of the mouse (hand)? Are things finally falling into place or are we just letting our imagination run?

Given the facts above, some people think Bill Gates is the Antichrist. On the other hand, some theologians believe the Antichrist must be someone with military background, an experience Bill Gates does not possess, and therefore, think the information is a ploy to sabotage his business.

Whatever the case may be, the name Antichrist should sound a warning that the end time is near. To me, it is not important to identify who the Antichrist is. What is important is your preparedness to meet Jesus. How do you intend to walk with God this year? WATCH AND PRAY.

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  1. Het zou kunnen dat Gates de anticrist is maar als je een kind van God bent en je hoop en verwachting op Hem gesteld is en dan mogen uitkijken op de dag dat de Here Jezus terug komt dan zal het een dag zijn met grote blijdschap om voor altijd bij hem te zijn

  2. I got an insight yesterday. Or should I say ‘epiphany’?

    A man who owns almost everything is more likely to be the AC than an exchangeable politician.
    A man who wants the OFFICE of God.
    A man who claims his own WORD, not God’s.
    A man who wants to EXCEL himself above the Excellent God.
    A man who wants to point people with power (POWERPOINT) towards himself.
    A man who gives ACCESS to ‘life’ through his vaxx, contrary to Jesus who is the true access to the eternal life with God.
    A man who wants to control your OUTLOOK on life, and has his ONE NOTE instead of The true Scripture.

    All this – in our faces since decades – is a way to mock God. And we’re all, more or less, caught in the net. Read Habakkuk in the view of what’s happening today 2021.

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