Ghanaians need to meditate so says the Bible and the Quran

meditationIt’s time you give up the cheap and harmful junk of foreigners’ foolishness such as bellowing noise that can kill, false religions that lead you from truth, chemical laden food which harms the body, and weedkiller which causes sterility and many other serious diseases. Then there is excessive WiFi and cell phone use, microwave ovens and other forms of harmful radiation which wreak havoc on your physical and spiritual health.

Ghanaians you are being destroyed physically and spiritually by the junk of foreigners! Ghanaians you have enormous potential and a wonderful future ahead of you if you would only turn to that which is good, valuable and righteous.

It’s time you start to focus on that which really matters. Take yourself on a journey of enlightenment and become a truly conscious human being, fully aware; not to be fooled by some screeching, preaching pastor who’s more interested in your money than your salvation.

Psalm 19:14 – Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer.

In the name of the Most Loving One – 3:17 – They are steadfast, truthful, submitting, charitable, and meditators at dawn

Do you meditate at dawn or is every cell of your mind and body blasted by the noise of Information Centres and churches to the point where you can hardly think, rather than even try to meditate?

Learn how to meditate, learn how to really communicate with God and learn how to use all of your brain. You can start by reading the following:

Meditation is a psychological technology that opens the doors of senses that are now dormant. Modern science tells us that we use only a small fraction of our brain and our endocrine system. Meditation harmonizes and actualizes the full potential of these vehicles of perception.

Meditation is a scientific method to harness and access the most powerful areas of the human psyche. When fully developed, the human psyche becomes a radiant source of peace, wisdom, and conscious action.

Meditation facilitates and empowers these qualities.
Meditation is a set of tools that provide entry to states of Consciousness that anyone, anywhere, can enter, if they know the steps. The steps cannot be altered or skipped. They cannot be improved upon. They cannot be avoided. To learn how to meditate does not require money, membership, allegiance or servitude. To learn how to meditate only requires self-analysis, exact science, and a willingness to abandon theories and beliefs in exchange for the experience of the truth.

Meditation is the means to awaken the Consciousness in order to perceive the objective truth, without the interference of the mind. The obstacle to truth is our mind. By comprehending the true nature of our mind, we revolutionize it, converting it into a useful tool that can be of great service to humanity.

By means of the science of Meditation, any person can have the experience of reality.

Unfortunately, in modern times, the ancient methods have largely been abandoned or forgotten. The arrogance of modern humanity reveals itself in the presumption that we in this “advanced age” can improve upon the Meditation techniques of our ancestors. We believe that we can invent machines or pills that will render obsolete the knowledge that created the tremendous civilizations of the past. This is a fallacy, and only leads the foolish into deeper suffering. We must recognize that nature never makes leaps: everything must grow and develop according to certain laws. You cannot force a tree to grow faster. We try, and it shows our arrogance and our foolishness. We try to improve nature, and the result is a disaster. The same applies to Meditation. There are rules and there are laws; if we understand the rules, we can move directly to our goal. If we ignore the rules, we will get nowhere and we will instead become disillusioned or confused.

Many nowadays are using chemical or mechanical tools to attempt to force states of Consciousness. They may enter altered states of Consciousness; but this is not Meditation.

Meditation is the science of activating the dormant Consciousness that resides in the psyche of every human being.

To activate this Consciousness is to open one’s inner perception, to see what cannot be seen with the physical sight. The method to arrive at this experience is the same no matter what Meditation tradition one studies: to develop inner perception, you must first control your perception of here and now.

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