Ashanti regional Minister storms all night church service seizes sound systems

Ashanti regional Minister; Simon Osei-Mensah stormed a church early this morning and demanded they stop their all-night service because they were making noise.

Members of the House of Bethel Ministries at Anwomaso High Tension in the Ashanti region were stunned when the Minister who lives near their church stormed in “rambo style” and demanded an end to the church service. He snatched a microphone from one of the church’s singers and also knocked a musical instrument to the ground.

This action of the Minister, according to an eye witness infuriated some Junior Pastors of the church which led to a short verbal exchange. The Pastors refused to stop the service.

The regional Minister then went out of the church and returned a few minutes later with heavily built Police men who stopped the church service abruptly and arrested the Head Pastor; Rev. Kwame Takyi.

They took him to the tech Police station and returned around 5am to pick up the sound systems inside the church premises. learns the Head Pastor has since been granted bail.

What does the law say about noise?

Here are a few lines from Ghana’s criminal Code regarding noise:

Nuisances and Obstructions in Streets, and the like

Section 296—Throwing Rubbish in Street.

Whoever does any of the following acts shall be liable to a fine not exceeding ¢200,000 namely—

Causing Noise in Town.

(7) in any town wilfully or wantonly, and after being warned to desist, makes any loud or unseemly noise howsoever caused to the annoyance or disturbance of any person;

Drumming, etc., in Town at Night.

(8) in any town, without a licence in writing from the Minister or a local authority beats or plays any drum, gong, tom-tom, or other similar instrument of music between eight o’clock at night and six in the morning;

Section 298—Acts tending to disturb the peace in a public place.

Whoever in any public place, or in any place within sight or hearing of persons then being in a place, disturbs the peace by fighting or quarrelling with any other person, or by making any loud or unseemly noise; or abets an unlawful fight, or uses or applies to any other person then being in such public place or within sight or hearing thereof, any violent or abusive term of reproach, or sings any profane, indecent, or obscene song, or exposes any defamatory of insulting writing or object, or with the intention of annoying or irritating any other person, sings any scurrilous or abusive song or words, whether any person be particularly addressed therein or not or is guilty of any riotous, indecent, disorderly, insulting behaviour, to the obstruction or annoyance of any passenger or person in such public place, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding ¢200,000.00.

For more on what the law says about noise, click on this link:

Churches and noise in Ghana

There are several churches in the various regions of Ghana with a new one springing up in every available space. Preachers can be seen with large sound systems along major roads, at market centers and any crowded location ostensibly preaching the Christian message.

Many have complained about the noise they make even in residential areas but it seems the laws regarding noise have become impotent.

Some churches even with a few members make a lot of noise even in residential areas with heavy sound systems; a situation that is found to have many health implications especially for fetuses and children.

Is regional Minster’s action a war on noise or a selfish action?

Whether or not this action is the beginning of a war on noise in the Ashanti region or an action only in the interest of the regional minister is yet to be seen.

Noise pollution is sadly the new normal in the Ashanti region and the sad reality of many is that they are forced to “make do” with neighboring noise from drinking pubs, information centers and churches.

Is the regional Minister going to force those whose job it is to fight the noise but are sitting in their offices doing nothing?


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  1. It’s amazing, it’s wonderful, and it’s fantastic that the Minister took such action. Well done Minister.

    Tech police eh? I wasted so much time with them in trying to stop over seven hours per day/night every day of the year horrific noise measuring up to over 90 decibels in my bedroom, most of which was during the hours of darkness. It was coming from an information centre. Tech police told me they would have to try and find a law that they could use to stop the noise. They never did find it! Tech police were hopeless when I begged them to help my family and I. They did nothing! We suffered horrific noise every night and every early morning for well over a year.

    My wife and I went to the Regional Commander (not the current one) to seek his assistance and he told my wife and I to go back where we came from. That meeting was a total waste of time also. Eventually an open letter to the NDC Regional Minister and the KMA CEO had the effect of closing the information centre down but only until perpetrators manipulated the situation to reopen the noise making facility

    I was threatened with a beating by the Chief’s brother, and two young men chased me with raised shovels. Human excreta was hung on our gate latch. Our landlady, a pastor’s wife in conspiracy with the local chief caused us to have to leave our rented home so that the information centre could start up again.

    Additional to the information centre we had to put up with a local bar and a church going very late into the night. We discovered that certain KMA officers did not even know how to read their noise meter. It also seemed that they tried very hard to keep the noisemaker in business. The EPA told us lies.

    Since those times I have been to police to report noisemakers and again the police did nothing, even though I had recorded noise level evidence on video as shown on my professional noise meter. I was threatened with a beating by pastors and they made a point of telling my wife she would be beaten if we returned. Ghana does not have freedom of religion. Christianity is forced into your ears, in your home, in your bedroom all hours of the day and night. My wife and I used to have a full time Christian ministry. We do know our Bible and we know fake Christianity when we see and hear it. Street preachers blare at us with hand held megaphones in the early hours of the morning (3.30am) and start trying to cast devils out of us when we ask them to cease. Merchants drive past and blare at us with over 100 decibels of noise. Knowing the police are not there to assist I confront each and every noisemaker head on. I give them a paper which explains the law concerning noise and the dangers to human health. They usually screw the paper up and throw it at me. They tell me they have a licence from the KMA to make noise. I believe certain KMA officers are out of control as is the noise in the region. Just look at what is going on at places such as Adum. Lives are being destroyed, children’s futures are at stake. The World Health Organisation has stated that “Noise Can Kill”. How many noise murders take place in Kumasi each day, I ask you?

  2. With a similar situation I found myself in,i strongly side with the Minister and I wish he should use this opportunity to start the war against noise making by these so called men of God who in reality, doesn’t portray Christianity. I was shocked to see a whole church hooting at me for just asking them to lower/limit their noise.The authorities responsible for them are just one useless institution. So for me,I go with the minister.

  3. Noisemakers Take Note: Criminal Code: Section 72—Negligently Causing Harm.
    Whoever negligently and unlawfully causes harm to any person shall be guilty of a
    misdemeanour. “NOISE CAN KILL” – says The World Health Organisation.

    Speaking once again of Tech police. When will they ever enforce the law at Tech
    Junction? The noise there is horrible. Merchant ladies with little babies, and others
    are being bombarded daily by illegal, harmful and immoral noise levels. Fake
    Christians and other noisemakers set themselves up at the bottom of the overhead
    walk bridge stairs to ensure maximum impact. This melded with other booming
    speakers around the Junction makes for a cacophony of human harm and misery. It
    is insanity. I have even seen a blasting loudspeaker affixed to the overhead bridge!

    On the Government of Ghana Official Portal, Mrs Philomena Boakye Appiah,
    Brong-Ahafo Regional Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has
    reiterated the need for strict adherence to environmental regulations and guidelines
    on noise pollution for the well-being of the people. Mrs Appiah said, “research
    shows that noise pollution was a risky health hazard and a silent killer, which could
    induce hypertension and cause blindness. She said noise pollution causes irritability
    and indigestion and adversely affect the foetus of pregnant women”.

    On another website the Regional Director disclosed “that noise pollution could
    cause deafness, blood pressure, indigestion, heartburn, ulcers, heart disease,
    mental illness, fatigue, damages in the nervous system, increased stress/ irritation,
    decrease in efficiency at work places, sleep interference, decreased academic
    performance and indirectly weakens the edifice of buildings and bridges”.

    “Repeated exposure to noise during critical periods of development may affect a
    child’s acquisition of speech, language, and language-related skills, such as reading
    and listening. The inability to concentrate in a noisy environment can affect a child’s
    capacity to learn”.

    It is clear that human health and well-being are being harmed by noise. I remind
    Tech police and all police and everyone else that each of us has a duty to prevent

    From the Criminal Code:
    Section 22—Duty to Prevent Felony.
    Every person who, knowing that a person designs to commit or is committing a
    felony, fails to use all reasonable means to prevent the commission or completing
    thereof, is guilty of a misdemeanour.

    Section 69—Causing Harm.
    Whoever intentionally and unlawfully causes harm to any person shall be guilty of
    second degree felony.

    Section 71—Exposing Child to Danger.
    (1) Whoever unlawfully—
    (a) exposes a child to danger or abandons a child under twelve years; or
    (b) exposes any physically or mentally handicapped child to danger or abandons a
    physically or mentally handicapped child in such a manner as to cause any harm to
    the child — shall be guilty of a misdemeanour.

    Section 72—Negligently Causing Harm.
    Whoever negligently and unlawfully causes harm to any person shall be guilty of a

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