5 great ways to do it like a pro

romance1With some little changes here and there in the bedroom, you are actually able to have the kind of Sexual fun that only seem possible by porn stars.

Porn stars look like they are having a lot of fun, don’t they? With some little changes here and there in the bedroom, you are actually able to have that kind of fun.

Here are five ways to enjoy porn stars type sex.

Oral Sex

Blow jobs are hot for a lot of reasons, one of which is that, not only do you get the chance to have a lot of pleasure, but you are more likely to last longer. If keeping it up for a long time is a problem of yours, then it is time to encourage your woman to go down on you more often. It is pleasurable for you, turns you on and extends the duration of your Sex session.

Use your words

Most men think it is cool to stay quiet during sex. It is really not. Just as you get a lot hornier when your woman uses her sounds and voice to respond to what you are doing, she also gets a thrill when you make approving sounds when something feels good. The grunting and moaning by guys in porn is not accidental. It is supposed to make sex hotter. So, give your woman an approving moan when she does something right.  If possible, use actual words to tell her what feels good and how hot you find her.

Spanking can be hot

When done right and with her permission, a little spanking during sex can add that extra spice to the bedroom. It gives her so much more pleasure while you enjoy the feeling of dominance usually depicted by a lot of porn star acts.

Don’t forget about her

The best ways to make a woman feel pleasured is to consider her pleasure. Perform oral sex on her, stimulate her clitoris with your hands, give her body a rubdown, whatever it takes to get her there. If she is having fun, you will have fun too.

Lights, camera, action!

Did you know that the fact that the camera is watching improves the hotness level of any sex act? If one or the both of you get turned on by the fact that someone might be watching, then consider making a video. No, you do not have to share said videos, but knowing that you are being recorded can help satisfy your cravings for exhibitionism. You literally want to ‘perform’ for the camera, and this can encourage you to bring your A-game. You want to be able to applaud yourselves when you are watching your tape afterwards.

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