Can blowjobs enlarge your penis?

blow-bananaIt doesn’t matter how big or small you are down there, almost all men have been searching for one thing; a way to gain a bit more length or girth on the shaft.

You may have heard of various ways of going about that such as jelking, stretching, and the use of devices such as vacuum pumps and other traction devices.

Some believe that a blowjob should enlarge the male member since it is a a combination of suction and both friction as well as warmth. The idea is that, if these pumps and jelking techniques work, then blowjobs should as well.

Though I don’t subscribe to this line of thought, Someone shared a thought on the subject as follows:

“Though I haven’t done an official survey, the results of the two penises I have most recently suckled have me believe that I can grow my guy’s member by giving him oral. Don’t ask me if it’s the attention, the amount of time I spend down there or the techniques I use, but I can tell you, both of my most recent lovers cocks have gotten noticeably bigger with my ministrations. If I had to guess, I think it’s because I really like to get the whole thing way down my throat. Over time I’ve developed a love of deep throating.It really turns me on.

They way I pull him in and then constrict my esophagus all around his member, massaging it while it’s down inside my throat, makes it get raging hard and large.

It also gives me throat and mouth-gasms.

Another thing that I do that I believe is contributing to the length and width increase is that I use one hand on the bottom of the shaft while I suckle and lick the head.

I squeeze the buried cock deep inside his body, pumping it to get it engorged, while I suck the flange of the head, putting intention on making it as wide as possible.

Over time I’ve seen both my lovers with whom I’ve done this very deep, passionate, energetically connected oral sex with increase the size of their penis by 25%.

This I believe will give guys a good reason to demand more blowjobs from their women although the results will just be the momentary pleasure and an enhanced erection.

Yeah, whatever gains you see during or after a blowjob is only going to be temporary and contribute only to the quality of your erection at that moment of sexual activity and not count as a permanent penis enhancement technique.

But all said and done, there’s no harm in getting more and more blowjobs…so go get it and let me know if you observe anything significant.

Have fun.

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