Press Release By The Concerned Northern Youth For NPP

NPPWe wish to commend the flagbearer of our great party Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo for calling for ceasefire from various factions following internal wrangling that has bedeviled the party in the last couple of weeks. His call is timely and would ensure that peace and sanity prevails within the party as well as revitalize the confidence reposed in the party by floating voters who are the worse hit by the current economic mismanagement affecting standard of living .

Ladies and gentlemen of the press; it is sad to note that ever since the call was made some persons on the instructions of the NPP Northern Regional Chairman Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu are still going round constituencies coercing executives and collating signatures. We see this as a deliberate ploy to further divide the party when our focus is for a united front in championing the course of the bigger agenda which is to win 2016 General Elections.

Elements like Bugri Naabu are painting the party in a very bad light and are those allegedly benefiting from its divisions reason why he has failed to heed to calls to halt the signature collation which reportedly hyped tension within the party a fortnight ago. We see his conduct as a deliberate ploy to further disintegrate the front of the party for his personal gain rather than the interest of the masses in the region who are not willing to shortchange anything for victory. The actions and inactions of Mr. Bugri Naabu create a bad impression about the flagbearer as he is always in the haste to use his name to back a number wrong doings. The popular phrase “Nana says I should do this or that” is no longer strange to party members in the region even when the blind can see and the deaf can hear that the said move our chairman is about taking is not in the interest of the party as well as party cohesion.

Mr. Naabu has always being in the media for the very wrong reasons attracting a backlash from even our opponents and floating voters who hitherto were attracted to our party. It was therefore not surprising that he unilaterally slapped an additional GHC 1,000 on filing fees of all parliamentary aspirants in the region claiming it was on the instructions of the party’s flagbearer.

It took the regional secretary and the 1st vice Chairperson to oppose to his autocratic directive which was in variance to the directive by the national council. Our regional chairman is allegedly directed by what he seeks to gain materially and if care is not taken he is likely to mortgage the success of the party in the region for money to the ruling party. His haste to ran to the media and lash at some national executives claiming they are not performing when he himself seem to be relaxed in the comfort of him home in the company of “girls” sipping whiskey is very hypocritical. Ever since assuming the role of Regional Chairman , Mr. Naabu has failed to outline his vision for the party but rather succeeded in diving the ranks within the executives. While the efforts of his colleagues in other regions has resulted in giant strides triggering fortunes of the party, Mr. Naabu has resigned to his home where he operates from with a few others and yet is always the first to lash out at others. The region has had several successive chairmen who contributed immensely to the growth of the party including the late Alhaji COP but never were they always in the rush to get media attention. They worked behind the scenes and the results manifested when the time came but that cannot be said about our present Chairman whose interest is whip up sentiments and reap the benefits of party divisions. We implore on the flagbearer to do an independent audit of the credibility of our Chairman and would see the extent at which he is drowning his personal image and the image of the party in the region. We want him to name and shame” elements like Bugri Naabu who have breached his call for ceasefire and is continually putting him in bad light.

We are tired being in opposition if destructive elements like Bugri Naabu are not and are willing to go a long haul. We the youth want the NPP to work again and capture power in 2016 and moles like Bugri must be identified and dealt with ahead of the future of the party. God Bless Ghana! Long Live the NPP

Spokesperson-Aryans Gazele. 0208544598

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