OPINION: The New Amazon from Africa

The world is changing. Globalization has taken over. I know the world is very round but in terms of trade, I choose to say the world is flat. We have reached a milestone in the accessibility of goods and services. No matter whatever you want in any part of the world, you may be able to get it with the click of a button. Times have really changed; we have moved from an era where we needed to wait several months to have an item delivered to us. I can recall that Jumbo (our local dog) always got a feel day because anytime grandmother received items from overseas, most of the items were moribund. Thankfully all of that is past and we have entered into an age where goods and services can be rendered at a very fast and convenient time.

In this new era, there exist new challenges and hurdles that opt to be surmounted. The business of e-commerce has gained traction and many individuals have thrived to push the boundaries to make names for themselves.

In this seemingly ever-growing market, there still lies a dearth of services that need to be rendered to satisfy the ever-growing needs of people. Chiefly amongst this is the inordinate taste for genuine African artifacts e.g. Original kente from Ghana.

The e-commerce business has been so dominated by the western companies that subconsciously we have relegated any idea of getting certain types of goods to the traditional trading system i.e. going all the way to the production area to get it physically. Another problem in the current system is the over-inflation of prices of items that do not conform to standard market prices. I personally find it to be a big issue if I should buy a tin of milk for a higher price just because I paid for it online.

These issues tend to discourage people from pursuing digital marketplaces as I like to call them. A third and very profound problem will be a grand illusion these e-commerce sites create on customers when it comes to their flash sales and discount sales. There is always a certain margin of inflation to which even a certain percentage reduction does little justice to. A 10% discount of a 20% inflated price of an item will still amount to a 10% profit for the retailer. The consumer, therefore, does not benefit in any way. The interests of consumers must be of primary concern. What then is the solution?

The solution comes from the heart of the world; in the land of pure gold, Ghana to be precise and Zipjosh to be very precise. A Ghanaian company that has decided to break into the ever westernized market of e-commerce and offer unprecedented services with consumers at heart. With Zipjosh, you are guaranteed to have quality goods that cut across every sector or area of interest.

You can get original and quality African prints, quality mobile phones and accessories, bags, shoes, computers and anything your mind can fathom with regards to trade. In terms of pricing, Zipjosh seeks to bridge the gap between what it actually in the market and what is on sale online. With a projected clientele base of over a million, Zipjosh is certainly going to be the industry leader in Africa and the world at large. One of the major highlights of this upcoming company is its solution to the fraud that happens online sometimes. Zipjosh is committed to having a separate compartment of the company to personally ensure that whatever anyone is selling on their website is genuine and would personally take full responsibility for any uncertainties. What more can one ask? For some people like me, Zipjosh is an answer to our longstanding prayers. The grand opening of this wonderful company will be publicized and posted soon. As a blogger, I just want to take pride in being the first to publish about it before it thing blows up.



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