Nima gang rape video unsettles parents

stop-rapeA Nima girl aged between 20 and 21 has been gang raped by two friends; action of which was videoed by a third person who did not take part in the act but was part of the criminality.

Parents, girls and some opinion leaders in the sprawling suburb are worried about the implications of the criminality on the image of the cosmopolitan yet largely Islamic community.

The case is already in the bosom of the Nima Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVSSU) who are yet to apprehend the suspects.

The parents and victim have not been cooperating with the law enforcement agents who have so far tried to apprehend the suspects to no avail, a challenge which has stalled investigations.

The story as gathered by DAILY GUIDE is that the girl had a brawl with her boyfriend a certain Manaf but his friends who ostensibly sought to settle the misunderstanding invited the girl to the neighbourhood to which she obliged.

On that fateful day as Manaf and his ex-girlfriend discussed their differences towards a settlement, he asked that they go inside his room away from the scorching sun but upon entering he offered an energy drink laced with a sleep-inducing substance which she consumed.

In her drowsy state occasioned by the drink, he raped her as one of his friends videoed the action. One of Manaf’s friends also had his turn as her screams were occasionally muffled by her aggressors.

The video expressly depicted her in pain and in total disagreement with the ordeal at the end of which she vomited. The third person who did the videoing did not take part in the rape.

Currently the relatives of Manaf Daily Guide has learnt are seeking to have the case settled out of the Police Station and perhaps the court as they occasionally visit the parents of the victim. This perhaps is reason the Police is unable to make headway in apprehending the suspects and possibly prosecuting them.

Should the suspects elude the long arms of the law due to the non-cooperation of the parents and the victim herself the miscreants could pounce on more victims in the community.

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