A misconception removed: Did the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Saw) really establish Islam with violence and terror???

islamOne of the most common misconceptions about the Holy Prophet, Rasoolullah Muhammad Mustapha (saw) which is deliberately led by opponents of Islam is that he established Islam by means of violence and terror. This is antagonistic to overwhelming historical accounts which declares the Holy Prophet as a defender of the defenseless, and a defender of the helpless and vulnerable. His outstanding stance for religious tolerance, justice, freedom and love which attracted overwhelming applause from even non-Muslims.

One of such notable commendations coming from famous historian, Michael Hart, who ranked the Holy Prophet as number one in his book (100 most influential person’s in history), describing the Holy Prophet as “matchless and supremely successful in religious and secular matters”. Upon all such palpable evidence which reveals the Holy Prophet as the best model for mankind, aspersions are still cast around in his defamation.

One point I would like every seeker of truth to ponder over is that, you can never win a heart with violence and terror. You can never force a people with violence and terror to love and follow your teachings wholeheartedly, never. The kind of captivating love which the sahaba (companions) of the Holy Prophet, which trickled to all other Muslims in all corners of the world could never have been bred by violence and terror. A typical example was when the Meccans (his own people) sent a message to him in Medina after they had oppressed him for about 13 years for him to leave Mecca and seek refuge in Medina. The Meccans sent a messenger to give him a message in Medina, that if he doesn’t stop the propagation of Islam, they are going to pursue him and his followers in Medina and kill them all. When the Holy Prophet’s companions received the message, without even informing the Holy Prophet, his companions told the messenger to go back to his Chiefs in Mecca who sent him and tell them that, they can only lay their hands on the Holy Prophet after they have walked on their dead bodies.

This is the level of love and reverence that Muslims give to the Holy Prophet, and this kind of love can never be earned by an oppressor or tyrant.

This is a man who liberated the Arabs who were regarded as a backward people, a people who were best described as savages, and within a limited period of 23 years, this man was able to unleash the greatest miracle in the world by lifting the whole of Arabia from the lowest of the low to the highest pinnacle of spiritual and moral excellence and grandeur. It is this captivating love for such a leader of the faithful which resonated in the hearts of his companions and still resonates in the hearts of Muslims today all over the world.

Every war that he engaged in was in strict sense of defense of the weak and vulnerable followers and people of Medina who were persecuted in order to bring an end to Islam. Making a major groundbreaking stance on religious tolerance and religious freedom. The most interesting thing about this phase of the life of the Holy Prophet is that, after he had defeated his oppressors and gained victory and authority over them, he demonstrated the greatest level of forbearance, forgiveness, benevolence and courage to the extent that a large number of his persecutors had a change of heart, they believed in him and became Muslims. They testified that such high moral qualities could only be demonstrated by one who comes from God and is truly righteous.

He brought to mankind the last and final testament (Quran ) and a perfected religion in Islam which is a complete way of life. A religion which has the solution to all the problems of mankind and lifts it’s adherents from troubled souls till their souls are at peace. These are just but a few of the reasons for the mind-boggling love that Muslims have for our beloved master Rasoolullah Muhammad Mustapha (saw).

The victory of Islam has now gotten to all corners of the world, people are now joining Islam in troops, these people are not being forced by violence or terror to accept Islam (the fastest growing religion in the world). They’ve been overwhelmed by the truths of Islam which the opponents of Islam have always tried to conceal but to no avail. The Quran has said, when truth comes, falsehood perishes, because falsehood by it’s nature is always bound to perish.

May God help us all and open our hearts to the truth, Amen!!!

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