Everywhere you pass, SHISHA!

ShishaI am a campaigner for health and safety, hence I find it necessary to bring this your way. I was at the beach the other day, and met these young SHS girls and boys who had gathered round a table smoking shisha with so much relish as if their lives depended on it…well to some extent their health and death depends on it.

People actually believe shisha is nothing more than inhaling flavors or so they want to believe.

Well it’s just flavoured tobacco burnt with charcoal inhaled through a liquid medium into your lungs. It contains nicotine and all the harmful metals found in cigarettes. Here is the drift, after one successful shisha session you would have finished over 200 sticks of cigarettes. At that rate you’re chasing lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, other degenerative lung disease and of course your death at a much faster pace. If you must smoke something at all cost go back to your sticks of cigarettes, cos in all likelihood you can’t smoke 200 sticks in a day, but with shisha you can do 600 sticks without even knowing it.

Not everything is flex, not if your health and safety depends on it. The nausea inducing part is where all the smokers keep kissing the same pipe with their mouths! People selling shisha from one person to the other, only God knows who’s mouth you kissing. Stay safe…

Yours truly
James Mawuli Gawu

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