Encore: A thing for you never lost

NppMy dear amigos, please do I look like a prophet? The reason why I’m asking this question is that a friend just “inboxed” me that he has read an article I wrote about a month ago and he thinks I must be a prophet! Anyway, I want to reproduce the said article for you to make your own judgement.

Many, many years ago when I was growing up, most commercial vehicles were made up of Bedford mummy trucks. One fascinating thing about those vehicles were the inscriptions found on them. Popular among the inscriptions were, “Sea Never Dries”, “Poor no Friend”, Chop Time no Friend”. “A Thing for you Never Lost” was one of them.

Having said this, I wish to crave your indulgence to digress. When I launched my book, “The Gruesome Murder of the Elephant” and explained during a radio interview that the Elephant has been murdered by its own handlers, many people didn’t seem to agree with me, but to all intense and purposes the handlers of the Elephant have not only murdered it but are eating its flesh as well, and I’m going to explain with microscopic delligence and undeviating exactitude.

You would recall that during the Supreme Court election petition case, Lawyer Ayikoi Otu, a leading member of the NPP defending the then NPP General Secretary, Sir John, in a contempt case, stated that he Sir John had been possessed by some “gbeshie” spirits. Not too long ago, another leading member also referring to Osafo Marfo’s recent ethnocentric remarks said that he believes that Mr. Marfo must have been possessed by some “gbeshie” spirits too; and they may be right.

I also want to believe that those ruthless “gbeshie” spirits pestering the NPP are led by Belzibub himself, and they come in camboo shoes so leaders and members of the party do not perceive ominous signals. If this is not true, borrowing the words of Cecilia Marfo, “How can it be” that after the fetid effect of Osafo Marfo’s utterance, the NPP in their demonstration dubbed “Ye bre” in Kumasi went ahead to display placards with the inscription “How can a northener rule this country? Vote Mahama out!”?

As if this was not enough, Another leading member of the NPP, Hon. Kennedy Agyeapong who is intemperately fond of dropping “bombs” and seriously been a lurid woe to the NPP, dropped a bombshell that members of the NPP are stupid and will stay in opposition forever. Ken, an irascible personality is sufficiently powerful and resourceful and no doubt an asset to the NPP, but could be judiciously malicious, and he was, this time around. He could be likened to a blanket, you cover yourself with it and you feel hot; you remove it and you feel cold.

The other unfortunate aspect is that Nana Akufo-Addo has been an unlucky wight. He was caught on television cameras sleeping soundly at the recent Dr. JB Dankwah 50th Anniversary Celebration and also during the State of the Nation Address a few days ago.

Could the happenings in the NPP be judgements of God? Yes I want to believe so. After the 2012 elections, the NPP made serious pronouncements to the effect that they were going to make this nation ungovernable by bombing schools and other public places; they have also discriminated among people whom God have created in His own image. And have openly called President Mahama, God’s chosen one a thief; the ostensible reason one can give to all these negative things happening to them is that you can’t habour wicked intentions, show disregard to your fellow human beings, and loathe a godly, honest, unostentatious, hospitable, sociable, free-and-easy JM and go scot free.

God declares in Isaiah 49:26 of the Bible that, “I will make your oppressors eat their own flesh; they will be drunk in their own blood, as with wine. Then all mankind will know that I, The Lord am your Saviour, your Redeemer, the Mighty one of Jacob.”

As it stands, the NPP seems to be fulfilling scripture by eating the flesh of the Elephant and drinking its blood. I have always been confident of the fact that President Mahama is one of the best things that has ever happened to Ghana, and want to belief that the presidency has been vouchsafed to him by Heaven till 2020. Therefore, I won’t be surprised seeing the finger of God prevailing over our current predicaments to put smiles on the faces of the good people of Ghana soon. It is God who enthrones; so, kikikikikikiki, for some people, the battle continues to be the “loss”; but for those with good intentions, a thing for you never lost.


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