Students’ leaders bare teeth at EC, gov’t and National Security

A students’ group; Concerned Students’ Leaders and Youth Activists has expressed discomfort with the conduct and posture of the Electoral Commission as the country approaches its general elections.

Ebenezer-HenakuConvener of the group; Ebenezer Henaku Jr. who is also National Vice President of the Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana( GRASAG) tells the students’ front is anxious as the election approaches because their expectations of a smooth and peaceful electioneering year is fast waning. He believes it is best for the electoral commission to do a validation exercise or put together a new voters’ register all together to protect the integrity of the elections slated for November 7.

A statement released by the group and copied to also enjoins  the Clergy, Peace Council and other well-meaning Ghanaians to rise up and deal with issues regarding the operations of the Electoral Commission since they do not exist in a vacuum.

The group also charged at the National security apparatus and government for “looking for security threats outside themselves and the environment they have created”.

Please read the full statement below:

The Concerned Students’ leaders and Youth Activists by this statement wishes to express our fear and discomfort with the demeanor and laissez-faire attitude of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Associated institutions and the abusive nature of the security, especially the “dead goat” recipe of chaos the EC led by Charlotte Osei seem to be preparing with its nonchalant attitude to the organization of this year’s election.

One would have thought that being a strong woman; the woman would have brought on board her “mother-for-all” attitude in organizing a free, fair and peaceful election. Unfortunately, three months into the election year, we have had cause to be alarmed and frightened with the mention of 2016 elections. We are worried about what fate lies ahead of us especially the youth, women and children before and after this year’s elections.

One would have thought that the two day public forum organized by the EC on the 29th and 30th October, 2015 purposely to trash out issues raised in petitions by some political parties and civil groups was done with the desire to foster peace and harmony.
However, this hope of peace was only short lived and was quickly replaced by deep anxiety and uncertainty about the future of the nation as the elections draw near.

Shivers were sent through our spines by the prejudiced comments and declaration of Mrs. Osei even before the panel made its recommendations so it is of no surprise the EC is resisting the validation recommendation by the VCRC Crabbe panel. The EC had its decision in hand and the forum was only a cosmetic one and a waste of tax payers’ money.

We the Student Leaders and youth activists want to know why Charlotte Osei and her team are bent on shepherding this electoral process to a chaotic end. If the ECs excuse is that some Ghanaians will be disenfranchised why then won’t they create a totally new register so everybody duly fit can register? Which people will be disenfranchised, is it the over 600, 000 dead people?

What are Mrs. Osei and her team up to? Are they setting a trap for provocation knowing well they and their families are secured by Security agencies? If anything happens what will become of the ordinary Youth, mother and child? Are they choosing a chaotic post-election period over a validation exercise/new register?

We the Students’ leaders are not happy with the EC and the early signs especially considering the security issues and happenings within our neighboring countries. We will not forgive Charlotte Osei and her team if through their actions Ghana is thrown into a state of Anarchy. Ghana belongs to the youth and we won’t allow this to be destroyed by Institutional actions and inactions dictated by parochial interests.
Many are shouting that the EC should be allowed to do its work but nobody seems to be shouting the EC must do its work devoid of seeming biases. We expect the clergy, Peace council and all well-meaning Ghanaians to rise up to deal with these issues before it gets too late and not to wait for NPP and NDC to start charging at each other before calming nerves. Indeed the EC is independent but that independence is not in isolation but with accountability to the people of Ghana.

“Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. . . . She prepares her food in summer, and gathers her sustenance in harvest” (Prov. 6:6, 8). We give the EC two weeks to give us a proper address on the validation less they face demonstrations from us the Student leaders and our students and may God help us to resist any form of oppression and oppressors rule with all our will and might forever more.

It is obvious that we are not a serious country and the youth have been taken for granted by everybody including some clergymen, politicians, employers and educationists. So-called men of God are exploiting the desperate masses of unemployed youth with spiritual excuses, government officials are siphoning and emptying state coffers with the excuse of youth funds with leakages, employers are abusing and underpaying workers among many others. In the face of all this it is amazing that the Government searches elsewhere for National security threats. It is the gargantuan unemployment, hunger and anger that constitute a security threat. It is the youth losing out on hope for a better future in this country while greedy and exploitative politicians fill their bellies full and leave luxurious lifestyle; that is a security threat. Instead of dealing with serious issues Ghanaians prefer to “dance to comic songs” One can appreciate the frustrations of the wise Mensah Otabil when he speaks of how unserious we are as a country.


Ebenezer Henaku Jnr (National GRASAG Vice President)
Convener, Student Leaders and Youth Activists Forum

Kobi Amoah (KNUST NUGS, Former President)

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