Religious Dictatorship and Harassment: Kumasi

horns-speakersMy family and I and others are blasted day and night by the religious selection of the Victory Information Centre at Emena. The preaching and religious singing smashes into our home every day of the year except when the electricity is off.

We have no choice as to what is forced into our home, what drags us out of bed and what dictates the type of religion we listen to.

Our prayers and quiet times with Elohim are raped and smashed by the religious dictator of Emena. His choice of religious preaching and music attack our ears, minds, thoughts and bodies violently every day.

Being serious Bible believers we are insulted and disgusted that the proprietor of the Victory Information Center at Emena has the audacity to think he knows what is best spiritually for my family and I.

How dare this religious dictator violently force his religious messages and music into our home whenever he chooses and for extended periods.How dare this religious and noise dictator put our physical and mental health at risk with his blasting noise that is way over and above the limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana (EPA). How dare this religious and noise dictator decide for all others in Emena what they will listen to and when they will listen.

He has been given information published by the World Health Organisation which says “Noise Can Kill”. He has been given information announced by the EPA which says “Noise is a Silent Killer” yet he continues to blast the neighbourhood at will.

The religious and noise dictator not only has high masted loudspeakers at his shed but has recently put other loudspeakers down two streets so that his noise pollution and religious dictatorship can be extended.

What type of so called Christian idea and religion is it that has to be forced upon people in their own homes, even well before dawn and after dark? Surely there are sufficient churches in Kumasi, certainly there are plenty near Emena.

It is said that the proprietor is a Seventh Day Adventist. What sort of church is it that would condone such a religious and noise dictatorship for seven days every day of the year? What sort of Christianity and religious ideas would force children, foetus and adults to be exposed to noise that might kill them, to noise that might cause birth defects, to noise that might cause heart attacks and noise that might stifle learning, reading and speaking among the young?

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