The intricacies of the game of Basketball

basketballBasketball is a sport played by two teams of five players each on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high mounted to a backboard at each end.

President John Mahama was seen playing basketball at the forecourts of the Holy Child Senior High School when he joined the school a few days ago to commemorate their 70th anniversary.

A sudden gust of anxiety flowed through me as President Mahama picked up the ball ready to shoot into the hoop. Was he really going to shoot? I rubbed my eyes and looked again. With bright eager eyes, I saw the Commander-in-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces shoot, and as soon as the ball crawled through the the hoop, I shouted in a triumphant tone: “You got it, man!”

But the question which lingered through my mind is: what if he had missed? What would have been the political implications? I bet not too many would have had the courage to do that; and as much as some may see this feat as trivial and unimportant, I think it goes a long way to underscore a point: we have a bold, dexterous and unique president who is confident about what he does.

I believe in the fact that President John Dramani Mahama has what it takes to turn the fortunes of this country around despite the challenges we are currently confronted with.

Generals do not become famous during peacetime, they only maximize their leadership capacity in battle. Leading in times of ease, when things are going well may not bring out one’s greatest leadership skills. True leaders shine in times of crisis and turmoil, when the average person feels submerged by the waves of challenge and change. Watch the young man from Bole!

Of all the God-given gifts of President Mahama, the one that is eminent, the one that is perceptible and the one that is compelling is his ability to speak: and even those who don’t like him know and appreciate this. I’m, therefore, saddened by Opana’s acceptance of a debate. “The costing, the costing, the costing,” is still flesh, oops, sorry, fresh in my mind. You people should advice him oo, yoo. I don’t want any disgrace oo, ayoo. Walaa talahi, Tundralina Akua Donkor sef say ego fit floor Opana in a debate.

Folks, on a more serious note, don’t you think unifying the Elephant Family is what must engage the attention of Opana? The real situation on the ground is not good at all, and it seems no one can stop them now from tearing themselves apart. Perhaps, stoking the fire is the ideal recommendation since total destruction seems the only solution. One fact remains – if Opana has not been able to manage his party, there is no way he can manage this country. The dynamics of managing a country is much more complex than managing a party.

Kikikikikiki, put on your dancing shoes and let’s do Justice to Bob Marley’s “Real Situation”.

Check out the real situation:
Nation war against nation.
Where did it all begin?
When will it end?
Well, it seems like: total destruction the only solution,
And there ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.
Ain’t no use: nobody can stop them now.

Give them an inch, they take a yard;
Give them a yard, they take a mile (ooh);
Once a man and twice a child
And everything is just for a while.
It seems like: total destruction the only solution,
And there ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.
There ain’t no use: no one can stop them now;
Ain’t no use: no one can stop them now;
There ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.

Check in the real situation (check it out, check it out):
Nation fight against nation
Where did it all begin? Wo-oo-o-o-oh!
Where will it end?
Well, it seems like: total destruction the only solution.
Mmm, no use: can’t stop them;
W’ain’t no use: ya can’t stop them;
Ain’t no use: no one can’t stop them now;
Can’t stop them now (no one can’t stop them now).

There ain’t no use: no one can’t stop them now.
Everybody strugglin’: ain’t no use – ain’t no use –
Ain’t no use you even try;
Ain’t no use: got to say ‘bye-‘bye!
Ain’t no use! Ain’t no – ain’t no use: no one can stop them now
(No one can stop them now)


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