Our emotions can be deadly-let’s watch it!!!

emotionIf there was a day I was tear-jerking; if there was a day I was sentimental; if there was a day I was emotional; it was yesterday. Soon after I made my post, “I Judged Wrongly”; a true story in which I gave an account of my encounter with a lady who has three of her fingers severed, another lady sent me a chilling photo of her three severed fingers with a similar story. I cheered her up.

The good news is that Mariam, the lady in question is happily married and has a preparatory school in Mankesim. What makes a great person is not what is on the outside but what is within. The most important thing is how one affects society.

Nick Vujcic was born without any arms or legs, but has become an inspiration to many others and a global celebrity. He is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and president of an international non-profit Organisation, Life Without Limbs.

Based on the responses I had for my recent article, I would like to share another real-life story I published about two years ago. At least three people confessed to me in private that but for my article, they were getting ready to visit a shrine to spiritually kill some people who have hurt them. Please read on.

I grew up at Bubuashie a suburb of Accra, and many years ago, precisely in the early 70’s, my mother used to sell plantain at the Kaneshie Market. Something unfortunate happened close to where she sold her foodstuffs.

A woman had come to buy foodstuffs next to my mother’s stall, was it a stall? No, she sold on jute sacks spread on the floor. There was a misunderstanding as to whether money had been paid for the foodstuffs bought. Tempers rose exceedingly high, the buyer called the seller a stupid whore. The seller got offended because she was sure she had not received money for her foodstuffs from the woman who bought them. She broke some eggs and called on a deity to deal with the woman if indeed she had not paid.

True to the seller’s conviction, the buyer had not paid so the deity started killing people from her family. The entire family of the buyer were dead and buried including her.

The deity had finished its work, and as expected, the seller was to thank it for work done. Meanwhile, the woman selling didn’t know the woman she invoked the curses on, and didn’t know what had happened to her and her family. Apparently, she acted out of anger and after tempers cooled down, had forgotten about the incident.

The deity saw the woman who contracted it to do the killing as ungrateful, and got angry. It killed the woman, and many of her family members. Elders of her family alarmed by the unusual many deaths in the family did some spiritual consultations where the truth of what transpired unfolded.

Dear friend, I don’t know what you are planning to do against someone who has offended you. I will beg you to take a cue from this true story, and remember that you could be affected in your attempt to revenge. Don’t forget that vengeance is the Lord’s. Thanks for reading.


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