Women in the eyes of Islam

I read from an article that the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Be bold for change”, I asked myself, has the world provided any platform for this boldness??? My question was answered when I looked at women through the eyes of Islam. Women are so dignified in Islam to the extent that, out of the sacred chapters of the Holy Qur’an (which is the last and final testament for the guidance of mankind), one chapter was fully dedicated to women, thus Qur’an chapter four (Suratul Nisa, meaning Chapter of the Women). This chapter speaks extensively about the indispensable role that women play in our daily lives, if we wanted a practical definition of empowerment, this chapter of the Qur’an has it for women. It is in recent times that laws were passed which gave women rights to inheritance, marital rights, protection rights etc, however, this was captured vividly over 1400 years ago in Suratul Nisa and several other places of the Qur’an.

Islam positions the woman in such a state to physiologically, psychologically and morally appreciate her worth and uniqueness. In giving the woman the boldness she deserves for that change, we must understand that the woman is in no competition with the man, just by our physical differences, we must understand that we are in two different leagues. It’s like trying to incite a fish to get out of the sea to live on a tree or a monkey to go live in the sea. They are both masters of their own territories, you can only let them understand their individual traits better for them to live to their fullest potential in their individual territories. And that is exactly what the Qur’an gives to the woman, a guide to be a champion of femininity.

It is a misplaced struggle for the woman to fight for equality with the man, Islam has however emphasised on equity between man and woman. In the simplest term, Equality means if you give a man a cap or boxer shorts or singlet, you must give the same to the woman (of which she might find no usefulness), but equity means if you give a man a cap, you must give the woman a veil, and if you give the man boxer shorts and singlet, you must give the woman panties and a brassier. That is fairness and that is justice, and that is the biggest boldness and empowerment that Islam and the Qur’an has given the woman.

If only Muslims themselves will let their lives be a true reflection of the true teachings of Islam, if only the behaviour and character of certain Muslims will stop giving the world the wrong impression about Islam. If only the world will take a second look at the true teachings of Islam without prejudice, we would have found the solution to all the problems of mankind. God bless us all, Amen!!!

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