Why are you giving up on God?

politicsI’m getting exceedingly worried about the way the word “change” is being loosely used in our political arena.  The mere change of government is not change. Change is the positive of a challenging process; it involves overcoming obstacles; and it requires patience. Change can be painful at times; but it is often crowned with joy.

It has been observed that the period of the night when darkness is thickest is few minutes to daybreak. This phenomenon is the same in the lives of human beings – few moments to a major breakthrough in the life of a person or a nation, is when  major challenges are experienced. Many years ago, someone I knew very well, a mate in school, took his life! He had gone through terrible storms of life.

Though Raph had a very good first degree from a famous university in Ghana, he was jobless, and after many fruitless efforts in searching for a job for years, decided to start his own business. He managed to secure loans, and started a small shop where he sold printing papers at Kokomlemle in Accra. Business was good, but just as he was halfway through paying the loans he took, disaster struck — there was a continuous heavy downpour one weekend which flooded most parts of Accra, and destroyed all the printing papers he was selling.

After sympathizing with him for some few months, his creditors started mounting pressure on him to pay back the loans. Fortunately for him, friends and some of his relatives helped him to settle a greater chunk of the borrowed money, and he somehow had some respite. But he was jobless again, and had to live on the benevolence of friends and relatives.

One day, he had a misunderstanding with a relative who told him that he is a begger and a hopeless university graduate. The youngman was hurt by those insults, and thought that life was not worth living if he is seen in the eyes of his own people as a hopeless graduate begger; and he committed suicide. Sadly, unbeknown to him change was on the way. Few weeks after his death, his parents received a letter from a university in the United States, offering him a full scholarship to study a masters degree programme! He applied for the programme, and had waited for this cherished dream of his for years without response.

Oops, I almost forgot my English Language tips. Do not capitalize job titles unless referring to a specific person and his or her job title. Example, general secretary, president, vice president;  President John Dramani Mahama; General Secretary Asiedu Nketia. “Internet” which is also known as the World Wide Web, must begin with a capital letter.

Now coming back to my article, Kofi’s parents wanted change in the life of their son, so they  laid a foundation for him by giving him good education; unfortunately, he couldn’t continue the process of change.

Similar to Kofi’s parents’ vision of change, President Mahama has began the building process to lay the foundation of a massive economic takeoff. Hospitals and schools  are sprouting all over the country like mushrooms, interchange is now a household word in Ghana; we have the Sofoline, Kwame Nkrumah, Kasoa; and soon, we are going to have one at the Obetsebi Roundabout, and the roundabout at the Tema end of the Motorway.

I won’t be able to mention everything, but can’t do without mentioning the expansion works at our seaports and airports with the addition of International Airports in Tamale and Kumasi. In Ghana today, you sleep and wake up the following morning to see your road tarred with asphalt.

Few weeks ago, an old man from my hometown, Kade, whom I know to be a staunch supporter of the NPP called me on phone to tell me he is going to vote for President Mahama this year. His reason was that he has seen a lot of change. First, the Kade Durbar Grounds has been paved with concrete tiles; second, pavement of the lorry park is on-going, and third, all the roads in the town are being “asphalted”. According to him he has never seen such development in the town ever since he was born.

I like an Akan proverb which says that if someone who has chewed a calabash tells you he will chew a crab, you shouldn’t doubt him. President Mahama has chewed and swallowed a calabash by solving the most difficult challenges of our nation — infrastructure development; therefore, no one should doubt him if he says he will chew a crab — putting the economy in shape and creating jobs in his second term to give a full meaning to the change we are craving for. At the just ended campaign launch of the NDC, President Mahama promised that Ghana will have single digit inflation in 2017 if he is retained, and I believe him.

I love part of the lyrics of Preye’s “Ebezina” which says you  don’t have to cry because change is here, and that you shouldn’t give up on God, for the same God who was there for you in the midnight hour, is the same God who is able to wipe your tears away, and that you should hold on because absolute change is on the way.

On this score, I want to encourage the good people of Ghana not to get despaired in the face of current temporary economic challenges because dawn is about to break in the history of Ghana. The full measure of the change you are yearning for is coming thick and fast through the matchless administration of President John Dramani Mahama.

We don’t want a pyrrhic victory for the young man from Bole in this year’s presidential  election; we want an overwhelming victory with at least 500,000 votes difference for him to continue his incredible transformational mojo.

Please enjoy Ebezina by Preye.


It’s the same God, who was there for you in the midnight hour
It’s the same God Who is able to wipe your tears away
It’s the same God Who was there in time of lack and want
It’s the same God Is Jehovah My great provider

Tell me why you’re giving up on God
Tell me why you’re giving up on Him
Tell me why you’re giving up on God
Hold on, change is on the way

Ebezina, Chukwu non nso (Don’t cry, God is close)
Ogini bu nsobu gi (What is your problem?)
Ima-na odi adigideh (He does not take long)
Nwa nnen mo, Jide si eh Ike (Beloved, hold on to Him)
Hi si anya gi eh (Wipe your tears)
Chukwu di gi atu asi (God never lies)
Oge a diri gi nma (It’s going to be alright)

Don’t you cry, change is here
Weeping may endure for a night
Joy is gonna come in the morning
You don’t have to cry no more
Hold God by His word, he’s gonna do what he says
Lift your hands and give him praise


I know you’ve been crying – I understand
I know you’ve been wounded – But it’s OK
I know you’ve been broken But I’m here,
To mend your broken heart
Believe in me, you will overcome
Yesterday will be your  story
I’m the God of all flesh
Nothing is too hard for me to do, yes
Don’t you forget (I calmed the sea)
Don’t you forget (I raised the dead)
Don’t you forget (I came to die that you might live forever)
Don’t you cry is gonna be over, You will overcome today
Wipe your eyes and give him all the praise

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