Treasure Covered In Dust- The Odweanoma Mountain

The Odweanoma mountain is situated in the Atibie-Kwahu enclave in the Eastern region of Ghana, on the west shore of Lake Volta. It is one of the highest habitable elevation in the country, replete with natural attractions.

The Odweanoma mountain is situated 150 km from Accra, branching off to the east of the Accra-Kumasi road at the junction town of Nkawkaw. The mountain is surrounded by communities such as Obo, Asakraka, Bepong, Mpraeso, Ahenase, Abetifi, Atibie, Pepease, Nkwatia, Tafo, Nteso, Burokruwa Aduamoa and Twenedurase

This mountain is the second-highest mountain in Ghana of a height of 2500meters above sea level. It is surrounded by one of the natural forest reserves in the country.

The forest has been preserved for its ecological benefits as well as how sacred the Kwahu inhabitants consider it to be.

The mountain overlooks the Nkawkaw township as a flat-faced monstrous rock as if it was deliberately hewn by a sculptor. Yet it is one of the wonders that nature has bequeathed to mankind. The road up the mountain is a winding dusty single lane from the Atibie township through a tropical forest that also towers over Atibie and other nearby communities.

Upon the mountain top in the early hours of the morning, the dense fog makes the sky tends to be much closer such that, it can be touched with a hand  The view of Nkawkaw from here is breathtaking and at the same time scary, because it has a gradual slope, which drops off suddenly at the edge

The Odweanoma mountain is one of the natural sceneries which can serve so many recreational purposes. One of such is Hiking. It is a long walk or tour which gives you nice views, fresh air, sounds and smells of nature. Hiking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness, economical and convenient. Hiking is basic to many sporting activities and is also widely recommended and practiced a form of physical training.

Hiking provides physical, mental and social benefits to the individual. It improves overall fitness, and builds muscles, helps lose weight, improves blood pressure, lowers risk of heart disease, makes you creative, improves mental health, makes you happier and boosts social life.

Furthermore, the Odweanoma mountain has a flat green habitable surface that provides for tent camping enjoying the early morning fog that is refreshing. Camping in the woods or forest offers a truly unique chance to embrace and reconnect with nature.

The mountain experience provides you with fresh air, spend time near a lot of trees, take in more oxygen, socialization, improved moods, less stress, exercise, good night sleep and serene environment for meditation. It also helps you to focus completely without external distractions.

In addition, the mountain is used for paragliding which is a growing sport in Ghana. Paragliding is a recreational and adventurous sport or activity of flying a paraglide, which essentially consists of a suspending rectangular wing connected to a harness (where the pilot of the paraglide sits) by suspending ropes. It is an exciting sport that helps one to release stress.

In addition, the mountain also has ancient caves and shrines where the people of Kwahu remember their ancestral lineage and offer a libation to express their appreciation to their ancestors. Visit to these caves is adventurous which takes a lot of adrenalin but culminated in joy.

Despite all these activities that can be exploited to enhance tourism and income in Ghana, not much is been done to expedite the utmost benefit of this gift from nature. Authorities at the facility request from the government to develop the site in a commercial space where various activities can take place on a daily basis especially paragliding. Poor road network, no cafeteria, and guide to assist tourists to make tourists feel more comfortable.

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