The plight of the Fulani in Ghana

fulani-manAs I stepped out of my house to work yesterday, I saw Hajia Amina Fulani, wailing ‘aww my people are being killed, our people are being slaughtered, aww God, what have we done to deserve this’.

I walked close to her trying to console her but she kept wailing and I felt sorry for myself because I’m also a Fulani and my people are suffering from these atrocities just because of an individual crime.

I told her our people in the remote areas lack education and it’s about time we do our best to get them educated so as to behave well.

Ghanaians are well known for their pride and warm hospitality. The country’s economy is dominated by agriculture. Ghana has an estimated population of 25, 199, 6069 (July 2013 est.), comprising several ethnic groups with diverse unique languages.

The Fulani have been living in the northern Ghana since early 20th century. They constitute a smaller portion of the total Ghanaian population.  The Fulani migrated from neighboring sahelian country during the colonial period and subsequent settlement and expansion in the northern and southern part of Ghana.

In the north, the pastoral Fulani and indigenous northerners who are predominantly farmers established reciprocal economic relations whereby they entrusted their cattle to them, this enables the Fulani to specialize in cattle husbandry whilst the northerners concentrated on their farming activities.

In recent times, the media has made the term ‘Fulani’ looks like a collection of criminals which makes some people uncomfortable to voice out their real tribe.

To be honest I completely understand why some persons might think Fulani is an unattractive choice to humanity.

It is often mentioned in the media alongside criminal acts, with headlines like “two Fulani arm robbers arrested, and Fulani arrested for murder” and the likes.

It’s hurting whenever one comes across such headlines, especially the concerned Fulani. Yes I am a proud Fulani just like any other person is proud to be this or that tribe.

The Fulani community in Ghana feels so unjustly treated by a section of the media who associate success of crimes to Fulanis.

The question is why does the media mention the name of a tribe since it is not a name of a particular country, nor the name of an individual. Fulani is the only ethnic group being singled out by the media whenever there is trouble.

Wouldn’t you agree with me that to judge a tribe merely by looking at the actions of some of the people is unfair, to create a bad picture of a tribe to sell your stories is also unfair. We being minute in the country doesn’t mean we are exceptional, we are ordinary people just like other ethnic group.

There are responsible and law abiding Fulani’s who contribute to the national development of this country.

Even though there are some Fulani’s out there who are doing terrible things out there, but just like other ethnicity there are bad ones. If one does wrong he or she should be dealt with as an individual not involving the whole group.

Am pleading with the President of Ghana Journalist Association to intervene in this because the media is actually not being fair to the Fulanis in Ghana.

And also I’m pleading with other ethnic groups killing is an evil thing let’s stop killing the bad and the innocent just for vengeance, if a Fulani kills a member of your group please get him or her arrested so the Law can deal with such person.

I on behalf Fulani Youth Association of Ghana would like to say sorry for any terrible thing caused by some of my people to the country. Let’s try settling our differences with in a sensible manner to let peace prevail in this country Ghana.

Mother Ghana is for us all.
Long live Ghana.

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