The Most Powerful Power of the Mind

by Serge Kahili King

The mind has many powers, but from my point of view the one that makes all the others effective is the power to focus your thoughts. Focused thoughts are what make things happen.

Let me make that more clear. Thoughts don’t make things happen. Focused thoughts are what make things happen.

If it were just thoughts that made things happen life would be pure chaos. I know some people think it is already, but they don’t know what chaos is. Imagine the thoughts of about 6 billion people all becoming reality at the same time. Now that would be chaos.

The fact is, everything related to human activity–agriculture, clothing, machinery, technology, games, buildings, roads, even, unfortunately, war–is a result of focused thought. So, the first thing to know is that focused thoughts are what make things happen. The second thing to know is how that really takes place.

You may heard me say many times that energy flows where attention goes. Focused thoughts focus energy, and energy moves energy.

Here’s an example of what I mean. When the wind moves across the ocean in one direction it makes waves, and those waves move through the ocean till they reach land. When the waves reach land and they are big enough and they continue long enough they change the land, actually change it physically.

Let’s use another example. When the sun shines on water the water heats up, evaporates, rises into the sky and becomes rain. When the rain reaches land it turns into rivers that change the land, enable the plants and animals and humans to live, and can be used by humans to create other forms of energy.

To make sense of my examples, think of the wind or the sun as being focused thoughts, the water as being emotional energy, and the action of the water upon the land as being due to the reaction of physical energy to emotional energy. To put it very simply, thoughts generate mental waves that influence emotional waves that influence physical waves that result in physical experience.

In terms of health, thoughts cause emotions that cause physical reactions that may result in health or illness, depending on the degree of focus of the thoughts and the strength and duration of the emotions. The physical reactions may be resistance causing stress that inhibits the natural healing process, or relaxation and action that stimulates the healing process.

In terms of relationships, thoughts about other people may cause emotions of fear and anger or love and compassion that may cause physical reactions of avoidance or violence or connection and and cooperation.

You could examine any other area of human endeavor and see the same thing happening. People don’t take physical action until they are moved to do so by emotions that are generated by thoughts.

Now, the third thing to know about focused thought is that its power to make things happen is partly dependent on the degree of focus and the duration of the focus.

The degree of focus–also called the clarity of the focus–simply means deciding clearly what you want. Notice that I said deciding, not knowing. Many people claim that they don’t know what they want. Part of that is due to fear of making a mistake and part is due to expecting the knowing to come from outside of themselves. The fear of making a mistake assumes a level of clairvoyance–knowing beforehand what an outcome will be–that is extremely rare in the human race. Expecting the knowing to come from outside of oneself is just a denial of one’s own power. You have to choose what you want in order for it to work at all.

The duration of focus means sustained focus. That doesn’t have to mean a focus that excludes any other kind of focus. Remember, a wave, even a thought wave, has to have highs and lows to exist as a wave. Wind moves in waves, as do physical objects, although we usually call that vibration. A sustained focus is like an ocean swell that carries with it lots of other waves. Just watch an ocean swell or even surf and you’ll see all kinds of smaller waves on top of it. You can have a sustained focus on finishing a task or achieving a goal and still take time to stretch your muscles, drink or eat something, or scratch an itch. A sustained focus is one that isn’t forgotten quickly. We can have a sustained focus on something like health, wealth or happiness and still make time for work, play, creativity and lots of other things.

The most simple way to keep your focus going is to make the purpose of your focus very important. The more important you make it, the longer you can keep the focus. And the way to make the purpose important is to decide that it’s important. If you decide to doubt its importance, you weaken the focus and the effect of the focus. The clarity and duration of focused thought can be channeled by purposeful words, like affirmation and directions, and by purposeful imagination of how you are going to do something and what result you want to have.

Finally, the fourth thing that affects your focus is the level of energy that you add to it. Mental energy by itself is not very strong. Random thoughts, disinterested thoughts, and even focused thoughts that don’t stir up emotions to some degree have little or no effect on the world unless they happen to coincide with someone else’s focused thoughts. The real power of focused thought comes from the amount of emotional and physical energy it generates. However, there is a way to increase that even more.

Some people find this easy, and some find it very uncomfortable, but one way to do it is to purposely amplify emotional and physical energy. You can use words and imagination to help you get excited and strengthen your determination. You don’t have to wait to get excited and determined. You can act excited and determined until you feelmore excited and determined. It dramatically increase the effectiveness of your focused thoughts, but it only works if you are willing to do it. You can also amplify the physical energy by putting your full attention on what you are doing while you are doing it and doing it with as much skill as you can muster.

You don’t have to use the most powerful power of the mind. It isn’t a requirement. But it’s there to help you become more effective at anything you choose.

To put the whole thing into Hawaiian we could say:

‘Upu ke ali’i, hana ka ukali
Continuous thought is the chief, action is the follower.

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