The fulfillment of destiny

montie-convictsSome English Language tips: Be careful not to form comparative or superlative adjectives that already describe a unique or extreme condition. Example: do not write or say most perfect or more unique.

When giving the age of a person or a period of time up to hundred, write in words, but use figures for those which are over one hundred.  Example: Ama is fifty years old. Her grandmother is 102 years old; Kofi has held the position of a Branch Manager for thirteen years. His company has been in this country for 106 years.

I attend a church where destinies are fulfilled and miracles happen on a daily basis. I’m, therefore, a believer in destiny: and my belief in providence  is getting stronger by the day looking at what is happening on our political landscape.

I will agree with those who believe that a child who will die can never be saved even if he or she is put under the armpit of the Pope. I have also always believed that President Mahama has been ordained by God to rule, and that the election for his second term is going to be one of the easiest in our Fourth Republic. In spite of the transient challenges government is experiencing, I see fate at work.

If the devil knew that killing Jesus would bring salvation to mankind he wouldn’t have even attempted. The Opposition’s scheming and desire to have the Muntie 3 jailed is what is going to speed up  their defeat in this year’s elections.

The Muntie 3 brouhaha is going to provide the catalyst for pushing the Elephant into the bush for good if well managed. After the sentencing, the hitherto high political temperature in the country has been tamped down, and the solidarity vigils and the solemn music on Muntie FM are winning a lot of sympathy.

The release of the trio in three months time when this year’s electioneering campaign will be at its peak is going to be electrifying. It is going to solve any perceived problem of apathy among the NDC supporters and bind party faithful together. Besides, the conviction and sentencing is going to set the precedent for the law to deal drastically with anyone who will try to foment  trouble before, during and after the elections. This will sustain the peace we are currently enjoying as a nation.

As a political strategist, I want to suggest the following: the NDC should resist the temptation  of the Opposition by not pushing President Mahama to activate article 72, but rather do everything possible to make the trio comfortable. Let’s inundate them with visits and provide their needs and that of their families.

After their release, let’s set up a Hero’s Fund for them; something substantial that can buy them houses or anything they desire. The ex-convict tag could be done with by H.E. John Dramani Mahama after we have won the elections, using article 72.

News coming from the Nsawam Prisons indicate that the valiant young men are in high spirits, and are pleading with sympathizers of the party not to push the President into activating article 72 for their release.

I bet you, if they go through their terms in prison without the article 72 palaver, they will come out as heroes, and President Mahama’s respect both locally and internationally is going to soar. He will be regarded as someone who respects the institutions enshrined in our constitution, and also someone who is law-abiding. These will be deadly to the Opposition.

I’m beginning to believe the Prophesy of the Coalition of Charismatic and Pentecostal Church Pastors who have prophesied that President Mahama is going to win this year’s presidential election by 54%.  According to their leader, Prophet Bismark Fifi Boison who is also the Founder and leader of the Jesus Power Prayer Ministry at Ngleshie in Accra, this revelation came into being after consultation with about 2000 prophets across the country.

It is on record that Prophet Boison prophesied Mahama victory in 2012 on Adom FM programme, “De Me Hu Jumadie” which was hosted by Afia Pokuaa, aka Vim Lady.

Kikikikikiki, I want to borrow Bukom Banku’s words: “What can come, can come.” Opana seems to be fulfilling destiny; and like a dying child under the armpit of the Pope, he could have all the institutions in Ghana behind him, but he will be retired this year.

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