Oneness From A Scientific Perspective

Do you believe that we are all part of one large source? Continue reading and learn more about the “oneness” that connects us all together and its scientific implications.

According to the laws of nature, if a system is not intertwined with its environment, then it’s more likely that it simply doesn’t exist.

What is an isolated system? It is a system that functions independently of other systems that comprise our world.

Now, the important question is: does an isolated system even exists?

Well, according to science, there is no such thing as an isolated system in nature. However, when scientifically examining a particular system, the scientists examine the system once it has been isolated, in order to better understand its functions.

For example, a researcher will examine the human condition by examining the nervous system, the cells, its functioning, etc. However, when looking at nature from the macro or the larger perspective, such systems don’t exist and, therefore, cannot be studied in a similar manner.

For example, social systems, the concept of space-time, and even the biological functions; all rely on other systems to function.

The Source of Oneness
Whenever someone is studying a new concept, the point of the research is to find and evaluate fundamental forces that drive the system to function in the way that it does.

So, when a system is being examined, the researchers have to keep breaking down the information into smaller and smaller concepts, which allow them to go deeper into the intricate functioning of the system. This process of creating infinite descriptions of information is called fractals.

The concept of space and time is one that can be infinitely divided into smaller fractals. Therefore, the system of space and time and its implications of oneness that connects everything together to a source, is not an independent or an isolated system. But rather, it is the amalgamation of several different systems working in conjunction with each other to comprise what we have come to believe as a single consciousness that is the source of all different consciousnesses, which all connect to one source, creating true oneness.

Thus, consciousness is infinite and it is not a matter of finding it; but since we are all connected to it, it is more about accessing it.

The Oneness of People and Individuality — All Systems Combined
Humans are inherently similar to each other, but still distinctly unique from one another. We function in a way that can be associated with an isolated system but, at the same time, we are a part of a larger system — and without people this system would not exist.

There are obvious problems within our system; for example, discrepancies such as lack of food, time, money, and energy can arise. However, there is no real lack of time, money or even food, as all of these are abundant. Just because a number of individuals don’t seem to have enough time or access to certain resources, it doesn’t mean everyone else is deprived by them.

Therefore, such a statement is a fallacy — at least empirically speaking. Our perceptions have the power to distort our realities and, in that sense, everything is infinite — infinite, as space itself.

There is so much space “out there” that nothing actually ever touches. There is even space between those tiny atoms that are the building blocks of all matter.

An atom is made up of 99.9 percent space, so the remaining 0.1 percent is what we see, feel and touch — hence, all the things that are real to us, are mostly “space.”

This rather complex theory was first proposed by Einstein, through which he attempted to correct the previous understanding of isolated systems.

Well, according to this theory, all the spiritual folks have been correct about their claims over the power of oneness and the source. The theory of everything connects all forms of matter and consolidates the understanding that we are all one.

Those who are against the theory of oneness, basically say that nothing exists, based on our current scientific understanding of the world.

Although everything is subject to revision, previously believed facts have been refuted and new causations have been formed.

There is a long way to go before the theory of everything can be considered an absolute fact. But, for now, there is solid scientific evidence suggesting that we are all one, as we function within a part of a large single system, in which many other systems function as well.

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