Nyantakyi: Extra technical team members took $12,000 each

NyantakyiThe President of the Ghana Football Association Kwesi Nyantakyi has revealed to the Dzamefe commission that individuals contracted by the association as extra members of the technical team each received $12,000 as honorarium for various roles played during the world cup in Brazil.

This was in response to questions over the specific number of people who were contracted by the GFA as special members of the technical team and how much money was received by each member.

“We have a 10 man standing technical team and then we had extra people who were employed just for the purposes of the world cup. The 10 man technical team was paid the same amount as the players which is $100,000.

The contract staff was given specific sums of $12,000 as honorarium for the period.

“They were given a one off payment for the entire period and this was decided by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in conjunction with the Ghana Football Association,” he said.

Nyantaki’s third and final appearance before the Commission took a sharp and unexpected turn when he indicated that there are moles within his own organisation the GFA.

According to the President there had been instances where sensitive issues that had been discussed among members of the association’s highest decision making body the executive committee had been leaked to the press.

“You sometimes face some challenges of what you call people trying to undermine you. You go for a meeting and before you step out of the meeting its out there. I was in London last week and i was so shocked that proceedings of our executive committee meeting were played on an Fm station in London,who sent it there? It must be a member of the executive committee or a staff or someone who was within the premises of the meeting. It is not a good development, they are here and i’m talking about it and they all know what I am talking about,”he told the commission.

He was however coy when asked about his interest in becoming the president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) in the near future.

“Issa Hayatou and I have a very close working relationship and i’m one of the strongest backers of Hayatou and I will support him as long as he remains CAF president.

“In future when he leaves i’m sure I could be a potential candidate,” he remarked.

The FA president exited the press room to rapturous applause and cheers from his fans and some loved ones.

Popular singer, Becca, was also at the Commission by virtue of her role as an Ambassador for Ghana’s World Cup in Brazil.

The former Sports Minister, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah commissioned some popular personalities to help promote Ghana’s brand at the World Cup and Becca was invited to give testimony on her role in Brazil.

She revealed, in the following exchange with Justice Dzamefe, that she had no written contract with the Ministry but she was given a per diem of USD 250 daily in Brazil.

Justice Dzamefe: “Did you have any contracts with the Ministry?”

Becca: “No, I did not please.”

Justice Dzamefe: “You just received a phone call?”

Becca: “We had a couple of meetings.”

Justice Dzamefe: “Aside that, did you sign any contracts with the Minisry?”

Becca: “I did not sign any contracts.”

Justice Dzamefe: “An icon we all know and you perform a lot.”

Becca: “Yes, I do.”

Justice Dzamefe: “Before any performance, don’t you sign any documents?”

Becca: “We do sign documents.”

Justice Dzamefe: ” Did you sign anything this time?” Becca: I did not sign any contracts and there is a very good explanation for that.”

Justice Dzamefe: “What is the explanation?

Becca: “ We did not see most of the people who we were to work with when we got to Brazil. And other reason why I performed was not to disappoint the fans there. I had gone there for a reason and I wanted to fulfill the task.”

Justice Dzamefe: “In the course of performing, anything could happen. Assuming something had happened, who were you going to hold responsible?”

Becca: “Well, I guess I was too much into making sure I did not disappoint in terms of the performances and also playing my role as an Ambassador and showcasing Ghana to the world at large.”

Justice Dzamefe: “How much were you paid in terms of per diem? Becca: “ We were paid two hundred and fifty dollars per day.”

Justice Dzamefe: “What other monies were you paid?” Becca: “Nothing at all, my Lord.”

Justice Dzamefe: “You were not paid for the performance?” Becca: “Nothing at all.”

Justice Dzamefe: “At least, you sold myself to the world.” Becca: “I sold myself to the world but I also went to promote Ghana…” Justice Dzamefe: “That’s what I’m saying.”

Becca: “Yes, please.”

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