NPP Youth must rise against the nihilist politics in the party

nppRecent happenings in the party have left some of us very distraught. Our angst stems from our helplessness in watching the party destroy itself. This is a party we love with our souls and have committed our lives to working for. Most of us hailed the Tamale congress as a new era in NPP politics. This is a congress that gave us Kwabena and Afoko as General Secretary and Chairman respectively. These are people who are known to be opposed to Nana Akufo-Addo, who undoubtedly, commands the allegiance of the overwhelming majority of NPP adherents. Therefore, we thought that two supposedly opposing factions at the top of party hierarchy were handed a perfect opportunity to collaborate for the good of the party. We were terribly mistaken as party unity at the top is at an all-time low. The youth must resist the attempt to destroy the fortunes of the party immediately.

The party is currently in the process of selecting a presidential candidate to represent her in the next general elections in 2016. This noble exercise is becoming a nemesis as it has taken an acrimonious turn, raising tensions and threatening party cohesion and unity. Unfortunately this nihilist path is being charted by well-respected elders of the party who should know better. It is very baffling why some elements in the party are going the way of destruction. Could it be that indeed there is a certain ‘Agenda 2020’ and people are doing everything possible to actualize it?
What will it benefit any group in the party to see us lose the next polls? And what makes those with such an agenda think that others will not also plot their failure in the future?

The youth of the party must rise against the internal saboteurs and detractors because another defeat in 2016 is a direct blow to us who are the majority in the party and the biggest stakeholders. This is why we must stand up to the greedy and self-centered people in the party. We shouldn’t allow anyone to joke with our future and destinies and from the way things are going, if care is not taken then we must expect the worse.

Let’s call a spade a spade, no matter what Nana Akufo-Addo will win the presidential primaries in the party. Even a day old child knows this. What happened on August 31 is just a harbinger of what is to come on October 18. In this reality one would have thought that any sensible politician will analyze his chances and make a good decision like Osei Ameyaw and Joe Ghartey have done or better still get moderate in their approach going forward to brighten their chances in any future race. On the contrary, however we have seen the launch of a blistering vitriol campaign by Alan Kyerematen.

As to the motivation behind such a clandestine campaign no one can tell. This gives credence to the existence of a certain agenda 2020. Surrogates around Alan Kyerematen continue to throw naked insults at Nana Addo to the shock and dismay of many in the party. We have heard the likes of Hilda Addo, one bloke of a character called Katakyie Opoku Agyemang of GAKE, Ohene Ntow and now the infamous Dr. Richard Anane. So far their utterances have been less than impressive and one can’t help but wonder if they can help campaign again for Akufo-Addo after all is said and done. This does not seem likely. Quite worrisome is the dragging in of former President Kufuor into the murky contest. Dr. Anane tells us that Kufuor doesn’t support Nana Addo and goes further to say that he (Kufuor) doesn’t like Nana because of an incident in 1998.

Is Dr. Anane lying on President Kufuor or is there some truth in this? Assuming there is truth in this, are we being told that the icon we all cherish and love is so vindictive that he’s able to hold a grudge against Nana Addo for over a decade? If this is false then the office of the former president should dispel such silly effusion but again if it is true then some of us are very disappointed in the former president who rode on the back of a solid party to the highest office of the land. If people were to form conspiracies and agendas against him maybe he wouldn’t have been president. The Nigerians have a proverb that “those whose palm kernel is cracked by benevolent spirits should not forget to be humble”. Kojo Mpiani, one of the close associates of president Kufuor once averred in a national council meeting that once some of them were alive Akufo-Addo will never be president thereby playing God and determining the destiny of others. Such remarks coming from people in the inner sanctum of the former president feeds into the so called rift in the party. Kufuor once said that it was better to be a messenger in a party in government than a general secretary of a party in opposition. Clearly telling us the importance of having power.

Some of the arguments Mr. Alan Kyerematen himself is making are very laughable and hollow and do not make him a presidential material. For him, his looks is all that will win the NPP power in 2016. His height and handsomeness for him, are key in political party dynamics. It beats my mind and I ask myself whether the Ghanaian electorate are that dump to vote only on such frivolity. I want to ask Alan Kyerematen if this insipid allusion is true then why didn’t Goosi Tanoh of the Reform Party win the 2000 elections since he was the most handsome than even our own Kufuor? In furtherance, why didn’t Osei Ameyaw carry the day on 31st 0f August in the special delegates’ congress since he’s more handsome and doesn’t have a multi-colored face but fresh looking? Running a presidential race is a serious business as it borders on the collective destiny of a nation when elected into power and not some joke of a beauty pageant. Alan Kyerematen is yet to show any depth that convinces us that he is fit for the serious job. The current tangent of his campaign which basically is to attack the personality of Akufo-Addo is a childish strategy as he fails to campaign on his own strength and ability.

The current leadership of the party is the poorest since 1992 especially for the general secretary whom a lot of people had high hopes in. So far he has been a disappointing disaster. Both the national chairman and GS exude such unbridled arrogance and vindictiveness of grandeur proportions that is almost breaking down the party. So far the two are the cause of the tension within as per their whimsical actions. Chairman Afoko promised 275 pickups for all constituencies but this has proven to be a charade and as it appears, it will not happen because his favorite for the flagbearership will not get it. Such deception in the party should not be encouraged and entertained as it smacks of dishonesty. The chairman and GS must really wake up to the realization that they are leading millions of people and that their leadership is required otherwise they leave the flagbearer with no option than to set up a parallel structure as the duo can’t be trusted.

We the youth of the party an encouraged by the disposition of Nana Addo who in the face of this provocation has remained resolute on his campaign. He has never responded to the vile attacks on him by Alan and his barking team, this is a sign of maturity and tolerance. Indeed, Nana Addo has a big heart.

In conclusion, we must realize the need to remain a unit and focused for 2016. The youth are the majority in the party and we are disgusted by the behavior of the elderly as it gives us no sense of pride and motivation. If the rank and file of the party want a repeat of Akufo-Addo as flagbearer then it’s incumbent on all of us as party people to work together for victory because if we have power it will serve all interest groups in the party. What the party needs to win 2016 is not a change of candidate but a strengthened party with formidable structures and good strategy. We must all come together for this.

The youth mustn’t accept the current irresponsible attitude by some elements in the party, we must speak out in loud voices. We must show our angst and abhorrence to those attempting to reduce the party to ridicule, we cannot accept it. 2016 is a must win and we should win it, if there are internal elements who want to stand our way to victory then we must plough them. Every true patriot must fight for the good image of the party, it’s a duty.
Albert Adamu
Nhyiaeso Constituency

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