MP, Manhyia Palace accused of being behind Kumasi Dagomba Chieftancy Litigation

chiefThe Chairman of a 12 member committee that was formed to ensure the installation of a new Dagomba chief in Kumasi, Alhaji A. Rashid Abass is accusing the Adontenhene of the Manhyia Palace and the Member of Parliament for Manhyia South Constituency, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh of an attempt to spark a chieftaincy riot within the Dagomba community in Ashanti region.

Alhaji Abass, also the National Vice President of Dagomba Youth Association (DAYA) believes the recent agitations and protests are incited by the Adontenhene and Dr. Prempeh.

Following the death of Naa Iddrisu Sawai, the Dagomba community in the Ashanti regional capital has been without a chief for 3 years due to some intense disagreements over who legitimately succeeds the late chief.

As a result, a committee was setup and vested with ultimate power over the matter.  Amongst other duties, the committee would chiefly ensure a peaceful installation of a new Dagomba chief and also ensure a peaceful coexistence thereof.

The committee was dominated by executive members of Dagomba Youth Association and some few elders including the palace linguist. Apart from members of DAYA, a member of the committee must be more than 60 years of age with gamut of life experiences.

The committee then sets criteria for the selection process. Among the criteria, a candidate must be independently well to do including owning a home, a candidate must be well versed with knowledge of the Dagomba tradition; he must be affable, accommodating and not dour and hostile.

The committee according to Alhaji Abass received about seven candidates who showed interest in the position but five later withdrew upon internal deliberations and pieces of advice. The two were Fuseini Abu and Alhaji Abdul Aziz Tanko.

After rigorous considerations and consultations, documents available show that the committee settled on one Alhaji Aziz-Muntaka Tanko, a kin to the MP for Asawase.

The document headed ‘OBSERVATIONS’ and signed by the moderator of the committee, states “After thorough investigations and scrutiny, it was observed that Alhaji Abdul Aziz Tanko is more credible in terms of the tradition and culture than Fuseini Abu, As such Alhaji Abdul Aziz Tanko should be made the Dagomba chief in Kumasi”.

Another document also headed ‘THE OUTCOME OF THE VETTING FOR THE NEXT DAGOMBA CHIEF IN KUMASI’ which explained the reasons for the failure of Fuseini Abu to win the contest say “Members accepted that it was a true reflection of what transpired during the vetting. Members were then given the opportunity to interrogate the answers by Alhaji Tanko.

The document continues “There was only one doubtful statement in his answers, on answer for question one, said his father never attended any DAYA meeting.

The document however said, “Members took the turn for Fuseini Abu’s answers to the questions, Members had as much as three doubtful answers”.

The moderator explained that Fuseini Abu disobeyed the tradition and culture by authorizing ‘DONDO beaters and drummers at a function during the death of the former chief. He said Fuseini Abu also lied about a cow he claimed he bought for the Asantehene and last the basis for his lost was that, it was believed that since he belongs to the Abudu faction he would not receive the Yaa-Naa if he should visit.


Indications are that the Dagomba community in Kumasi hinges on the balance and there are clear presage of chaos in the approaching days with the sudden change of motives.

Fuseini Abu who was supposedly trounced in the contest, believes the appointment is politically and factionally motivated and therefore rejected the decision of the committee.

His rejection caused a retinue of violent protests in the region which prompted the police to deploy some armed men to the Central Mosque last Friday during the Friday prayers.

Supporters of Fuseini Abu said he lost because he is of the NPP and Abudu gate.

But, Alhaji Abass however believes the Adontenhene and Dr. Mattew Prempeh are the reason for the rejection of the committee’s work by the other group.

In separate accusations, Alhaji Abass called the Adontenhene a stooge to the lost party and cited that a confirmation document written by the Regent of Dagbon, Kampakuya-Naa Andani Abdullai to the Asantehene Otumfour Osei Tutu II was suppressed by the Adontenehene and the Nsumankwahene.

Part of the said letter reads “The vetting committee has selected one Abdul Aziz Tanko who is better known to them as the next Dagomba chief in Kumasi as per the referenced letter above”.

“It is my considered opinion that your majesty will look into the matter and work towards ensuring the coronation of the next Dagomba Chief” the letter added.

The moderator alleges that there have been instances where the other faction visits the Adontenhene’s palace to recite Qur’an. He said they have also heard the Chief on several platforms giving assurances to the lost faction and inciting them not to accept the result of the committee.

When asked why the Adontenhene of the Manhyia palace would be one sided in a serious matter as this and whether he thinks the chief is affiliated to the NPP, he answered “I won’t be wrong to say yes, I will say yes. If they are not then why are they doing the right thing?”

He claimed however that Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh is lobbying politically for the faction. He said the faction hoodwinked the MP to believe that his colleague Hon. Muntaka Mubarak played a crucial role in the appointment of his brother. An allegation Alhaji Abass rubbished.

Traditionally, the Adontenhene is the gateway of Dagombas to the Asantehene, the chairman however feels whatever is being discussed with the Adontenhene does not get to Otumfour because of his (Adontenhene) interest in the case.

He is therefore appealing to the Asantehene to ensure that Alhaji Aziz Tanko who was installed on the 15th March by the committee remains the Dagomba Chief of Kumasi despite the court injunction.

Meanwhile, the police have issued a statement to arrest anybody who will address himself as the Dagomba chief of the area. “Until further notice, the police are going to investigate the matter”, the statement added.

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