Lala sulu laa campaign

NppPolitical campaigns in Africa and for that matter Ghana are extremely expensive; therefore, losing elections for two consecutive times can be detrimental to a political party.

Raising funds for subsequent campaigns could be difficult since few intrepid financiers would want to support a serial loser. Perceptibly, there is no doubt that yaanom are in financial crisis, and I said in one of my articles that the Prudential Bank debt revelation may be a tip of an iceberg; and for the party to take unrealistic filing fees from parliamentary aspirant towards the 2016 elections, could be a clear justification of the point I was trying to make. And I am right! They are as broke as the church mouse.

Very recently, the obviously cash-striped political Organisation launched a lala sulu laa campaign, and with cup in hand, begged every single Ghanaian to donate to help fund this year’s electioneering. Kikikikikikiki, they said no amount is too small. Sagewa, you go talk true.

So, you see, I was right to prophesy that yaanom are going to broke. You may call me Prophet One. But let me issue a caveat; be careful not to link me to Bishop “Someone Know”. I don’t turn into dogs and snakes. And that reminds me. I hear a certain pastor is afraid to go to Bolga because if he makes a mistake and turns into a dog, chai, he will become funeral.

But I want to give the “man of God” privileged information. He should not only avoid Bolga if it comes to dog eaters. I will caution him never to set foot in Kibi or any Akyem town oo. Hehehehehe, have you heard of “red goat” before? That is dog. It is a delicacy of some Akyem people. One of these days, I am going to organise dog eating reality show between Frafras and Akyems.

Coming back to my subject, I wish to admonish yaanom that their lala sulu laa strategy will never win them this year’s elections. No way. Ghanaians are discerning oo. A young lady told me yesterday that yaanom’s strategy of begging for money is bad. According her many people will not vote for them because they have advertised their poverty to the whole world, and the electorate will think that in the unlikely event they win power, they are going to use tax payers money to pay their debts for eight years in opposition before chopping nyafu, nyafu. Zero tolerance for abaaba se.

This is what another young man has to say: you say this country is in crisis and businesses are collapsing, millions of young people are unemployed, people can’t pay bills, etc. And after saying all these things you launch a fundraising campaign and call on the same people to donate.

Having said that, it has also been observed that one-party hegemony in many transitional democracies are partly due to the factionalism and internal squabble among the democratic actors which are organised as opposition political parties. The signs are not too good for yaanom. What is happening to the party is much deeper than what is being perceived. The coming weeks are going to be exciting. The Akofo music will play on: and nothing can save an elephant in coma; not even a lala sulu laa campaign.


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