“Killer” b3 wu last show

gossipLemme tell you something about hurtful, slanderous, malignant, malicious, and fabricated lies and or rumours about you;

  1. You’re always the very last person to hear what your  friends, colleagues, neighbours have heard or have been made to believe about you.

  2. There’s at least one person you trust so much with everything who’s also heard it, helped propagate it and even fueled it but who didn’t mention a word to you…you feel like “suiciding somebody”.

  3. You seem to have been convicted even before the trial began, and people who tell you about it aren’t really interested in your side of the story anymore. All they want is probably to advise you or to tell you to watch your back….Hurts the most cos even the people you believe should know better have condemned you.

  4. You’re tempted to explain things to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, to tell your story, to win their favour, for someone to know you’re not the demon you’ve been made out to be, alas it’s too late!

  5. It’s then you understand how someone  can be thirsty at the riverside. You are in a multitude of friends but you feel alone,  you shudder to think of how easily people believe cock and bull stories clearly made out to discredit you. You see your best efforts flushed at your face, your shortcomings are the subject of discussion, your gallant sacrifices and investments of time, energy and fiscal resources all forgotten in one fell swoop….you wonder whether anyone ever really cared about you….well, good news is you’re not alone.

A further juicy and hopeful news is that Truth and Reality have a rather dramatic way of announcing their presence when the time is right that your jaw can never achieve. Don’t invest your energy into calling or tracking every single person you love and trust to explain yourself or tell your story, you owe nobody an apology for your greatness. You’ll only be drawing yourself deeper into a dark world of bickery, gossip, hatred and personality assassination.

Set your sights firmly on your goal, on your vision, on God and on the things that matter. Truth is not relative and in the fullness of time, oo boy, you’ll be happy you didn’t destroy your case by talking too much. The just always prevail, truth always stands, even after you’re dead. And believe firmly that the “blowman” somehow always overcomes the “killer” no matter how many hours of movie that the killer reigned. Happy Sunday. Enjoy the movies.

Still yours truly,
James Mawuli Gawu.

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