God will not allow anyone to keep you away from your destiny

Folks, I have been telling you that I have close to 2 million fans who read my articles; I sometimes keep what I hear from my fans to myself. Occasionally, I’m faced with a situation where I’m compelled to tell the secrets I know: and today is one of those situations. It may happen that in the frankness of this article I must go deeper than I would love to so that truth which has been attenuated, veiled, sweetened, damped and falsified will be uncovered. I promise you a doozy write-up. Enjoy.

I haven’t been sleeping ever since Kennedy Agyapong revealed that the BOST boss personally gave him some cash to support the NPP’s 2016 campaign, and that he will tell the whole world how the NPP won the elections if that man is touched. I have been having sleepless nights looking through the feather of a vulture, and I’m seeing things even though my vision is a bit comsi comsa. But is it true that some fake ballot papers were printed? Is it also true that some NDC polling agents in selected polling stations across the country were given GHC5,000 each for them to turn a blind eye to an electoral fraud? Hehehehe, your ears dey sweet you paa, let me shelve this till my vision becomes much clearer.

As I looked through the feather, I clearly saw something – Yaanom have done it again; sosket, they have consulted an oracle again. I will elucidate. The Executive Editor of the Africawatch Magazine, Steve Mallory, published a scathing story about Uncle Blay sometime last year. Initially, I didn’t want to believe it; but Uncle Blay’s stifling silence on the issue made me change my mind.

According to Mr. Mallory, while Uncle Blay was an MP for Ellembelle on the ticket of the CPP, some years ago, the then ruling NPP government was very magnanimous to him to the extent that he was made First Deputy Speaker of Parliament. According to the story, some people within the NPP sensed that Hon. John Dramani Mahama, the then MP for Bole-Bamboi Constituency, could someday become president of the Republic of Ghana, so they schemed to get him a lucrative international job in the UK as a bait to get him out of Ghana. Kikikikikiki, I’m very sure Opana was one of them.

Beyond this revelation, a bird whispered to me that Yaanom had consulted an oracle, and were told that Hon. John Mahama is destined to be president of Ghana, and that necessitated the urgency of twisting fate by sending him out as soon as possible. Unaware of this plot, Hon. John Mahama went ahead and applied for the job.

Eventually, a letter arrived in Parliament inviting him for an interview for the job. Unfortunately or fortunately, the Speaker was out of town, and the invitation fell on the desk of Uncle Blay. He secretly replaced Hon. John Dramani Mahama with himself, and went for the interview in London, but failed miserably, and returned home quietly.

According to Mr. Steve Mallory, Uncle Freddie Blay’s greed destroyed the plan of Yaanom, and as fate will have it, Hon. John Dramani Mahama became president.

My vulture feather is telling me that another oracle has been consulted, and Yaanom have been told that the young man from Bole is destined to rule again. They are, therefore, desperately taking some measures to make sure it doesn’t happen. In the coming weeks and months they are going to raise the issue of how Professor Mills died, using some relatives of the Late President to champion their agenda. Besides, they are going to witch-hunt former President Mahama, his family and appointees on corruption charges to paint him black, and make him unattractive to Ghanaians.

And now, the shocker! It is said that evil has the fattest wallet, and this sounds true; there is some huhu going on that a large dollop of cash from Yaanom has been given out to some NDC presidential aspirants to surprise the Bole man if he decides to contest. This, if true, is ingeniously loopy. But walahi, talahi, some evidence seem to suggest so — cash dey town, and the law of supply and demand is alive and well. Some Toyota Sequoia dey cry maa, maa. And is it true that 25 Whatsapp platforms have been created where money is being shared waa, waa? What about the rent allowance that were paid for 18 people at something “ta” ?

Yaanom have an agenda to stay in power for a long time, and want to destroy their dreaded opponents; if the ablest grassroots supporters therefore mistakenly fall into this trap, and their plan is allowed to succeed, the long-term damage to our great party will be grave. So, my people make na shine your eyes oo.

But I’m feeling a sneaking sympathy for these brilliant, but backsliding aspirants. I can see some political careers coming to an end. Some people are making some terrible mistakes, and they will pay for them. Every. Single. Day. Of. Their. Lives. This is going to be the price of disloyalty, and is going to be paid in full.

JM is a good man, he has his faults like any human being, but he is still a good man and a better leader. Some of his believers have not lost their faith; things may not be rosy for some as some people think, but as the Bible says in Habakkuk 3: 17 – 19, Though the fig tree may not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines. . . yet I will rejoice.

Fidel Castro once said: “Men do not shape destiny; but destiny produces the man for the hour.” I have brought myself to the comfortable conclusion that a divine hand is going to tip the scales. God will not allow anyone to keep John Dramani Mahama from his destiny; the Lord almighty has purposed, and who can thwart Him? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back? (Isaiah 14:27).



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