Crime: Protect your phone for the right reasons

From Efogawu’s Desk….

hackerIn this day when some of us do our credit card activity on our phone, sending and receiving significant amounts via mobile banking apps, saved our credit card numbers with apps for easy purchase of stuff online, transact all sensitive business from our phone, then keeping your phone safe from easy login and direct access to your files is no longer for the purpose of hiding text messages and bad photos from your partner,  but about safeguarding your very life and survival.

One unauthorized access to your phone by a smart thief and your entire savings including expected income can be wiped out. Items can be bought online in your name in lieu of your real or expected income, standing orders can be given to your bank with you being none the wiser, your credit card information can be sent to a secondary host and someone could be shopping in your name free, salary overdrafts can be taken, your insurance can be tempered with, investments withdrawn, car and personal loans can be taken in your name, even mortgages, all the person has to do is register himself as a recipient and will reply to all mails from the mortgage company as if it were you…in fact your whole identity could be stolen.

What’s more? some of us are registered on the corporate emails of our organizations, mails and messages can be sent in your name, in fact someone can resign for you. In procurement, even contracts can be given out in your name and bribes solicited for you..Lewd messages and images could be sent to your trusted friends. Your life as you know it can be over by leaving your phone unattended. Your phone, laptop, like your drink in a bar should not be left unattended just like that.

The more sophisticated you get the more vulnerable you become. As you sit in your office and forward money to the another account whilst people are struggling in the banking hall with fat bank books, that’s also how easily you can be duped of all you worked for or are gonna work for.

So next time you think your partner has to leave his phone on without even a swipe as a show of his faithfulness, think again…before you know it a new landlord has arrived to sack you from your house cos you used it as a collateral in a business loan. It is then you know some random girl calling him darling in a whatsapp text is the least of your problems.

Boys, abeg I didn’t say you should go dedrossing and hide behind internet security oo. And girls don’t turn into porn star and be doing strip tease and sex tapes because you can hide it oo….The best way of hiding a sex tape is not to do a sex tape…am out…

Yours truly,

James Mawuli Gawu.

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