Boost your romance with some hygiene tips

sexylegsLet’s talk hygiene today.

Scientific data shows us women choose their mates, in large
part, because of her perceived strength of the mans immune

This, of course, gives her offspring a better chance of

And amazingly, current research suggests that a mans SCENT
actually determines the strength of his immune system.

So how does this relate to YOU?

Well, first of all, personal hygiene is what I call an
‘External.’ It’s not a specific seduction tactic, but one
of many external factors that impact how successful you are
with the ladies.

Other examples of ‘externals’ might be your posture, your
social circle, or your fashion sense.

Make sense?

Now I’m gonna ask you to do something downright scary…

Find someone you trust and tell them you need a serious
favor. Make them SWEAR to be completely honest with you.

Then get up really close to them, and exhale directly into
their face.

That’s right, don’t even warn ‘em.

And don’t ‘blow’ into their face, but make sure you go
“hhhhhhaaaaahh,” right from the back of the throat.

It’s important that you get truthful feedback, so asking
your friend to rate your breath AND body odor on a scale of
1-10 can help get a more honest answer. (10 being perfect,
1 being doggy doo)

I know this sounds a bit embarrassing, but as long as you’re
the one doing it, it’s actually kind of fun!

Now if you score anything less than an 11, you might want to
consider experimenting with some of my NINJA hygiene tricks:


  1. Buy a tongue scraper- And I’m not talking about the
    toothbrushes that have one attached, get one of those long
    wirey looking ones and see how far back you can scrape.
    That’s where the really nasty bacteria likes to hang out.

  2. Mint-A-Sure- Little capsules you swallow and actually
    freshen your breath from the belly. You don’t even need gum
    with these things. You can get them online if they aren’t
    available at your local drugstore.

  3. Squeezy Sinus Rinse Bottle – Buy one of those Neil Med
    Sinus Rinsers. (get the squeezy one, it’s much easier than
    a normal netty pot) You see, most people don’t realize that
    bad breath also comes from the sinuses… and using a sinus
    cleaner can really improve your breath, as well as your
    breathing in general. TIP: keep your head leaned forward
    while you use it!

  4. Get a good shampoo and conditioner. There are lots of great
    brands for men, but more important than the brand itself is
    that you aggressively scrub the shampoo into the scalp with
    your fingers.

  5. Try a loofa or exfoliating gloves in the shower – Use
    them with soap and a good smelling body wash (axe, tag, etc).

  6. If underarm odor is an issue, consider trimming (or even
    shaving) your armpits – Not only does it look better, but
    when you think about it, armpit hair is actually functioning
    as a barrier to your anti-perspirant.

  7. If underarm odor is an issue you can also try a prescription
    strength anti-perspirant, e.g. certain dri – You apply it
    before you go to bed, just make sure you don’t put on too much…

And best of all – using any of these tips has a double benefit:

a) We actually smell better to the people around us.

b) We KNOW we smell great and that’s automatically gonna give
our confidence level a big, fat boost.

And remember, there is a world of difference between smelling
good… and smelling GREAT. It will give you an advantage over
other men.

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