All of West Africa’s Problems Solved: If you would only go back to your very ancient ways – so says Peter.

ifa“Ifa is the voice of God to the human race, it’s a false notion that communicating through Ifa divinity is fetish” – Ifa Priest Kayode Faluade.

Peter continues.…….. If Christianity, Islam and Judaism of today are the true and only paths to God as billions would claim then why do we have so much human misery, wars, hate, pollution, destruction and other trouble in the world? These three religions lay claim to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and claim substantial or all sections of what Christianity so wrongly and irreverently refers to as the “Old Testament”.

At this time in history we are looking down the barrel of the Apocalypse prophesied by the three white man’s religions and the prophets of the ancient Hopi, Mayan and other indigenous peoples of America and the world. With this body of evidence it is hard to deny that it is going to happen, and if you take careful note of world events you would conclude that it has already started.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not condemning the Biblical narrative found in the Five Books of Moses, nor that of the ifa1Writings and the Prophets nor am I condemning the words of the Prophet Yahushuah whom some call Jesus but I can easily see how Ifa and other ancient African traditional religions fit well into the narratives of the Abrahamic Religions and truly complement them and help one better to understand them.

I have to agree totally with the priest Kayode Faluade that the black man suffers so much because he has abandoned the ancient ways. In fact the entire chapter of Deuteronomy 28 will tell you exactly why blacks in West Africa, East Africa and others suffer so much. It is because many black tribes of West and East Africa are God’s special chosen people but they have thrown out the commands of God given to Moses. Your societies are hell bent on unrighteousness and I truly mean HELL bent! Only turning to and making righteousness an every moment part of your lives will protect you from the horrors of the Apocalypse.

Now back to Ifa Priest Kayode Faluade. The following are excerpts taken from:

There is no denying in the fact that in the ancient times Yorubas, communicated with God through Ifa divinity. However the coming of foreign religion like Christianity and Islam has however demonized these traditional beliefs, as they now refer to it as idol worshiping. Otta Ogun state based Ifa Priest, Ifakayode Faluade, popularly known as ‘Ajigbotifa’, is now in the fore front of spreading the gospel, that Ifa was created to improve the welfare of mankind, lashing out at those who condemn the divinity.

Today, our nation and many of our people, are in bondage, because they haven’t heard the voice of God through Ifa. Obatala, Osun, Sango, Oya are all deities .They are not God; they are all messengers of Eledumare. If Jesus was born here, he too would have been a diety. If the Prophet Mohammed was born here he too would have been a diety. Our forefather’s sought the face of Eledumare through these deities. Because we have abandoned most of these things, that’s why many bad things, like corruption, dishonesty, and other barbaric things are prevalent in our society.

Sometimes I weep for the black race for neglecting our culture and modes of communicating with our Creator, which some people now refer to as being fetish or idol worshipping. Let it be known that whoever loses connection with his origin will wander in the wilderness. If we don’t protect our traditions, the white people will later come and be teaching us, because they themselves have now seen the efficacy of the divinity and have now embraced it fully.
In the ancient times it was Ifa that shed light into everything. Even for a newborn, it is only Ifa that will know it’s ‘Akosejaiye’ to get direction and advice on the baby’s destiny, and when he is matured he will also consult Ifa to get guidance, and if its adhered to, life will be smooth.

If everything goes wrong Orunmila will give solutions consulting Ifa. Let me correct the general belief that communicating to Eledumare through ifa is being fetish. Ifa is the voice of God to the human race. The fetish impression was planted in us by those who brought foreign religion, like Islam and Christianity to us.
So who is Orunmila and why do people think it’s evil and fetish communicating to God through Ifa? Orunmila is the progenitor of Ifa divinity, he was one of the most important deities, because he is very knowledgeable, very philosophical, honest, truthful and patient. He has vast knowledge of a lot of creatures that God made and he relates with all of them. In ancient time Orunmila, came in the form of human, but he was not born of any woman. After his last works on earth, he left through the seas, that is why we call him Ifa Olokun. He was a great prophet. His message from God to mankind was Ifa.

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