Do Ahmadis believe in the Holy Prophet Muhammad(Saw)?? An Allegation refuted, a misconception removed!

ahmadiOne of the common allegations against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is that we don’t believe in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). The most charitable opponents also assert that Ahmadis believe in the Holy Prophet but they regard Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) far superior to the Holy Prophet. This allegation and misconception is totally shattered by just a single poem by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) titled “Ya Aina”. I’ll present a few lines, just some excerpts of that poem after this submission. Again, my challenge still holds, that nobody ever to have walked the surface of the earth has been able to put together words which exudes the eminence, honour and reverence of the Holy Prophet than what Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) wrote in his numerous poems for the Holy Prophet.
In a related development, a very important phrase “Khataman Nabiyyin” (Seal of Prophets) appears in the Holy Qur’an. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has rightly explained that the meaning of that phrase in it’s rightful context means the Holy Prophet is the BEST of all Prophets. Our opponents also claim that it means the LAST of all Prophets. Literally, being the BEST and being the LAST, which carries more respect and honour? What glory or superiority is in being last? Again, historically, the use of “Khaatam” in Arabic literature does not mean last in anyway, but rather the best (Khatam-ush-Shu’araa, Khatam-ul-Auliya, Khatam-ul-Muhadditheen, Khatam-ul-Muhajirin etc). In any case, if anyone insists on using the word “last” in the meaning of that phrase, then it will only mean that the Holy Prophet is the “last law-bearing Prophet”, thus, the Holy Qur’an is the last and final testament for mankind. Hence any Prophet who comes after the Holy Prophet must steadily follow in his noble footsteps;  let’s always have in mind that Qur’an chapter 4 (Suratul Nisa) verse 69 never closed the door of Prophethood.
Let us now carefully go through some excerpts of the translation of the Arabic Poem (Ya Aina) written by the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi (Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, as) in Praise and Honour of our beloved master, Rasoolullah Muhammad Mustapha (saw):

Oh Lord, shower Your blessings upon the Prophet in this world and in the next.

Oh you the fountain of the beneficence of Allah, of the knowledge of Allah, people throng to you like the thirsty thronging to the water.

Oh you the ocean of the bounty of the bounteous, people flock to you with empty cups.
Oh you the sun of the kingdom of beauty, of the kingdom of virtue, you have illuminated the desert as well as the cities….

…Oh you my moon, the sign of Rahman, oh you the best of guides, the bravest of the brave.
I see in the beauty of your face, the light not given to mortals, the wise chose your company and forgot their heart and homes, they chose you and left their friends and family, they said goodbye to their low desires, their low selves, they abandon all earthly properties…

…You were sent by your Lord Oh Holy Prophet, the noble, the gracious, at a time when evil and vice prevailed. What a noble man, what a comely man. His breath smells like the breath of flowers, God is visible in his face, such are his virtues, such is his case. That is why he is loved, indeed his virtues demand that he should be loved to the exclusion of all…

Easy of access, noble, bounteous, friend of the God-Fearing, he excels all in the field of virtues. And he excels all in excellence and nobility, in glory and the beauty of the soul. Muhammad (saw) is the best of creatures. The soul of the nobles, the elect of the elect. All noble virtues have found their limit in him, the blessings of all time have found their places in him.

Oh Lord, shower your blessings upon the Prophet in this world and in the next.

I swear by God, Muhammad (saw) is next to God and through him alone, one can reach God. He is the pride of the pious, the holy, he is the pride of the men of virtue.

He excels all those who were honoured before him, indeed excellence is a matter of virtue and not of time. He is the unchallenged archer, his arrows do not miss, arrows that fly to the target, arrows that kill the satan.

…I’m among those whom he raised to life, what a miracle, how well he raised me to life.
Oh my master, I have come to your door to seek redress, these people hurt me by calling me an unbeliever.

I swear by God, what a leader of mankind, he ranks above all, he is the bravest of the brave.
Glance towards me with mercy and compassion, oh my master, I’m your most humble servant. Oh my love, your love has penetrated into my blood, my heart, my soul and my body. Oh you my guardian of delight, you live in my memory all the time, all the while.

My soul lives with you, my body will fly to you, would it have the wings to fly.
Oh Lord, shower your blessings upon the Prophet in this world and in the next.

Please get the full poem on, all seekers of truth. Indeed, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community have an unflinching love and reverence for our beloved master, Rasoolullah Muhammad Mustapha (saw).   May Allah have mercy on us all and open our hearts to the truthfulness of Islam Ahmadiyyat, Amen.
All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds, Amen.

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