A TRUTH COMMISSION ON CORRUPTION IN GHANA: total Immunity for all who confess


– the death penalty for those who do not confess or who later involve themselves in corruption, no matter at what level or for what value

Very serious action needs to be taken; total immunity or the death penalty where the evidence is abundantly conclusive. Now is the time to stop the rampant corruption dead in its tracks and for Ghana and Ghanaians to survive and thrive. Now is the time for a national commitment and turnaround toward righteousness. Everyone at all levels and in all walks of life need to ban corruption and unrighteousness for ever.

The political parties should work together to hold bi-partisan campaigns and join with business, NGOs and all government agencies, traders, market places, traditional and religious bodies and so forth to promote anti-corruption messages.

Every Monday, maybe every day, should be a day where everyone in Ghana publicly denounces to every one they meet that corruption is no longer acceptable in Ghana.

“No Corruption Ever Again” could become the common form of greeting in Ghana and set an example for not only West Africa and Africa but for the entire world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Ghana leading the world in the fight against corruption?

Only total fools would not concede that corruption is rife throughout Ghana. It very much seems to be a way of life in this part of the world and it is the very thing that is and will destroy Ghana and Ghanaians, and indeed West Africa if it doesn’t stop.

Judges, court officials and police, of all people, should not get involved in corruption but life is life and people are people. If justice is to be metered out just to those in the judicial system it would be very unjust when much of the population seems to thrive on corruption.

I say hold a Truth Commission and introduce the greeting “No Corruption Ever Again”. I say kill corruption in Ghana once and forever and mete out the death penalty to those who want to continue their corrupt ways. I say everyone who has ever accepted a bribe or undertaken any form of corruption needs to have his or her name on the Immunity List together with their signed statement of corruption. Once this is in place they are immune from prosecution forever for what they have confessed.

Many will think I am too severe in what I say. Corruption in Ghana and West Africa is known throughout the world. Now is the time to make Ghana and West Africa perfect examples of righteousness for the world to follow.

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