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Posted on October 6, 2010 by Wendy

Well over a year and a half ago I wrote a blog that (briefly) described what GMO is and it’s frightening endocrine disrupting effects that it has (been shown) to have on our bodies. Re-read this, just so it is fresh in your mind.

In May, The American Academy Of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) wrote a lengthy position paper warning that genetically modified (GM) foods “Pose a serious health risk” and should be avoided. GM foods are endocrine and hormonal disruptors of the worst kind. Yikes, look out future fibroids!!

Genetically Modified foods are defined as organisms (animal, fruits, vegetables) whose genetic characteristics have been altered using genetic engineering.OY! Artificially inserting genes into the DNA of food crops from gene bacterias, gene viruses, insect genes, animal genes and even HUMAN genes!! This is so radical (and scary-futuristic-bazzaroo-world,) and it involves modifying the “product” at its’ essence ~~ the GENE! Examples of GM foods can be found in soy and corn with having pesticides systemically placed deep within their edible structures.

This is really freaking me out ~~ franken-food, forsooth! Of note, GM foods have only been in widespread commercial use for 13 years. The long term use is unknown, but experiments have shown significant cause for concern (holy-moly) including allergies, serious immune dysfunction, fertility and reproductive problems, infant mortality, insulin regulation issues, alterations to the liver, spleen, kidney and GI tract. HELP! This is crazy!

The AAEM (thankfully) is calling for a halt on GM foods and want Drs. to educate their patients to avoid GM foods at all costs. AAEM wants labels on ALL GM foods. This will give the power back to the consumer, and hopefully put an end to this insane altering of the food sources DNA.

The main GM crops are soy, corn, canola, cottonseed and sugar from sugarbeets. GM food is expanding so rapidly (this is outta control) that other crops in this creepy manipulation of food, include papaya, tomatoes (darn!), potatoes and zucchini (just to name a few!)

Animals, so far as we know, are not being genetically modified (yet!!) But keep in mind, meats, fish, dairy and eggs come from animals that are fed GM corn and soy! Oh my heavens!

Genetically Modified Organisms are strictly prohibited in Certified Organic products. But what about cross-pollination? Hmmmm…maybe that is the source of honey bees dying in droves…but I digress.

Eat organic, eat local, and really do your do diligence with regard to label reading (look for NON-GMO). By the way, Europe has outlawed GM food! Living in a world of gene manipulation is so frightening ~~ you should be very very concerned. HEY, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!!

Since that posting, I have much to report about this Frankenstein-styled production (GMO) of our seed and food ‘manufacturing’…some pretty, some not!

To begin, [clink clink clink] your (un)leaded crystal glasses and ‘toast’ to the month of October, it is now dubbed “NON-GMO Month”!!!  Omylanta and for geezlepete, we are now ‘celebrating’ a NON-something ( in this case, NON-GMO) for all of  the mainstream media to report,  AND not just US crazy wide-eyed organic types! Clearly this is very good news; exposing GMO and the harmful effects that it has on our beautifully-balanced bodies’ endocrine system. But it has been an uphill battle (to get to this point) because of the power$ and influence that Monsanto and Dupont have on our power$-that-be!!

There were studies and research conducted by doctors and scientists from around the world and the findings are not good (regarding GMO) and the results showed (in some cases) debilitating cell-change.

Dr. Stanley Ewen, a senior UK pathologist studying results on a GM soy diet, said that there was proliferative growth of the endometrial cells lining the uterus and that this implies changes (taking place) in important reproductive hormones. In simpler terms, this diet is “wrecking the ovary and endometrium.”

Note: GM soybeans are called Roundup Ready. A bacterial gene is inserted that allows the plants to survive a normal deadly-dose of Roundup herbicide (used to kill the weeds). The spray does not kill the plant, BUT its active ingredient glyphosate does accumulate in the beans themselves! These are then consumed by livestock and humans. Glyphosate throws off the delicate hormonal balance that governs the whole reproductive cycle. “It’s an endocrine buster,” says Dr. Ewen.

Fibroids fibroids fibroids and more fibroids, that is what this all spells [GMO] to me!!! I have about 15 more studies that reported and  observed (and reported) the effects that GM products grown (and ingested) have on living beings…the results are NOT good! I must wrap up this blog, so I can not give you ALL of the  findings ‘here-and-now’, but I will leave you with this~~

Just Say No To GMO:  Write to your congress person and the FDA, telling them to make it mandatory to label a product “GMO” (as yet, ‘non-GMO’ found on some products is strictly voluntary…and gooooood marketing!)! And please tell them NO GMO salmon (the $$$$ influence is heavily infavor of this ‘passing’)!!! If nothing else,  the GMO salmon will expose the wild salmon to this franken-food-fish and who knows what will happen then!!!Remember that you (also) have a ‘vote’ with every purchase of organic and NON-GMO product that you buy ($$$)!! You send a loud and clear message that you are on the side of ‘real’ food and JUST SAY NO TO GMO…JUST SAY NO TO GMO…Happy October, National NON-GMO Month ~~yippeeeeee!! [JUST SAY NO TO GMO…JUST SAY NO TO GMO]



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